June 07, 2022

22 Things We're Grateful for in 2022

Happy New Year! As another year ends, we want to pause and reflect on all of the pieces of the Corrigan puzzle. Missing a single puzzle piece makes the picture incomplete, and Corrigan could not be successful without everyone. In the spirit of 2022, here are 22 things we’re grateful for.

  1. Customers
    • We would be nowhere without our tremendous customers. From those moving across the street, to families relocating across the globe, every single customer is important. Our sincerest gratitude to those who have trusted Corrigan with your most precious possessions. We extend our warmest wishes for a wonderful 2022 to everyone we now consider family. Cheers!
  2. Drivers
    • Our drivers are the best in the industry. Numerous long distance and local drivers have received Driver of the Month, Driver of the Year and safety awards. They embody the Corrigan spirit of doing anything they can to serve our customers.
  3. The Residential Team
    • The sales representatives who take care of our household good customers are invaluable. Their time spent travelling to homes, performing virtual surveys and counseling customers throughout their move process is imperative to setting Corrigan up for success.
  4. The O&I Team
    • These representatives have a skill for thinking outside the box for our office and industrial moves. These types of customers need customized, precise solutions and our representatives never fail to deliver.
  5. The National Account Team
    • We’re grateful to have the most talented national account representatives in the business. Not only do they go above and beyond for our national accounts and their customers, they do so with a smile.
  6. Coordinators
  7. Movers and Packers
    • Our crews bring a breadth of knowledge and skill to Corrigan. We are grateful for the men and women who diligently protect and handle our customers goods with the utmost care.
  8. Logistics
    • The Corrigan Logistics team are superstars at making the impossible possible. Their can-do attitude and custom approach for our customers makes them truly a success.
  9. Record storage
    • One of our most specialized departments, the amount of data coordinated and handled by our Record Storage team is awe-inspiring. Truly masters of their craft, our record team handles confidential materials while building personal connections with our customers.
  10. International
    • The international team facilitates moves around the world! Not only do they go above and beyond for our international customers, they’re responsible for fostering a global alliance of the top movers worldwide.
  1. Operations Team
    • Our long-distance and local operations managers are the best in the business. They’re responsible for analyzing thousands of shipments and planning the most efficient routes that serve our drivers and customers.
  2. Billing and Accounting
    • Our billing and accounting departments deserve our warmest thanks for their dedication to serving our customers and employees. The responsibility of making sure Corrigan is successful is no easy task, but these departments do so with ease.
  3. Claims
    • Our claims department is dedicated to ensuring a quick, fair and easy process for our customers. A company’s ability to work with customers after their move speaks volumes to the character of Corrigan. We are proud of this department for representing Corrigan’s character with fair mindedness and a dedication to customer satisfaction.
  4. Signature Relocation
    • Signature Relocation is unmatched when it comes to crafting a full move experience. A division that offers a wide range of services, the team at Signature is the most knowledgeable and hardworking in the global relocation industry. We’re proud they’re on our team!
  5. Air & Sea
    • The team at Air & Sea are always up to something! Dedicated to serving local and international businesses, the Air & Sea team is one of the most collaborative divisions of Corrigan. Their creative solutions for our customers showcase their unparalleled expertise.
  6. United Van Lines
    • We’re proud to be one of the largest agents in United Van Lines. As a network of independent moving companies, United Van Lines is dedicated to top quality and standards nationwide. We’re grateful for our network of United agents that we consider family.
  7. Technology
    • Corrigan has always embraced technology and has found innovative ways to integrate new technology into our daily practices. From digital inventories easing the customer check-off process, to driver logs, virtual surveys and digital meeting platforms, Corrigan has relied on technology more than ever over the past year.
  8. Virtual Survey Team
    • Speaking of technology, the Virtual Survey team embodies the most cutting-edge way to survey homes. Established in 2018, the virtual team was ready and prepared when the Covid-19 pandemic slowed many companies. Since Corrigan had embraced this technology years ago, we were ready to offer our customers a safe and easy alternative to in-home surveys. Our virtual team is the most accurate survey team in all of United Van Lines, an incredible achievement!
  9. General Managers
    • The general managers of each branch are imperative to keeping a functional, smooth operation. With several employees switching to remote positions along with the challenges faced during the pandemic, our general managers have guided our employees through the most uncertain times.
  10. Family Company Values
    • As a family company, Corrigan views all of our employees as an extension of our family. We care so deeply for each person who shows up for us. We are proud and honored to have such a caring, talented, hard-working group of people. Fostering a tight-knit culture of the most caring, dedicated experts in the industry is the proudest point of our company culture.
  11. The Generosity of our Employees
    • We are never ceased to be amazed at the true spirit of generosity that weaves through the employees at Corrigan. From working to distribute cookies for the Girl Scouts, to participating in the Pirate Toy Fund (Rochester, NY branch), our team is always ready and eager to give back to our communities.
  12. Our Third-Party Vendors
    • We are immensely grateful for the expertise of our third-party vendors. These companies handle specialized services beyond what our movers can offer. The craftsmanship of building a custom crate or expertly handling high value AV equipment are services that are imperative to a successful move.
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