June 04, 2022

3 Tips for Relocating Employees in 2021

As many Americans are anxious to put away their masks and resume life as normal, Corporate America has decided it is once again safe to begin relocating their employees. Although we’ve highly anticipated these days of normalcy, a perfect storm of supply and demand is impacting the entire relocation industry. Corporation’s hesitancy to relocate employees in 2020 has led to a record volume of move initiations. The housing market is exploding with individuals choosing to purchase new homes. Additionally, the relocation industry continues to combat a driver shortage and tackle a new labor shortage occurring nationwide. These unique challenges coupled with the normal and customary challenges of peak moving season, has erupted and is creating a challenge for the entire relocation industry.

As a result, we would like to offer three tips to share with your staff and relocating employees to help set expectations and minimize stress:

  1. Be Flexible

Advise your transferees that alternative dates may be necessary. We have seen a significant increase in moving compared to past non-pandemic years. If transferees haven’t already done so, now is the time to investigate extending and flexible leasing options.

  1. Provide Advanced Notice

As always, Corrigan is committed to doing our best to accommodate requests, however adequate lead time is a must to secure preferred moving dates this summer!

  1. Set Expectations

Anticipate longer transit times, with some regions of the country experiencing a greater impact than others.

At Corrigan, we believe that setting the right expectations with transferees is more crucial than ever! Despite the challenges the industry is facing today and in the foreseeable future, our team is committed to keeping you and your transferees informed throughout the entire moving process and safely delivering the high-quality relocation services you’ve grown to expect from Corrigan.

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