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As one of the nation’s best corporate relocation companies, Corrigan Moving understands the value of being an experienced corporate relocation mover and how we will save you and your personnel time and money. Corrigan Moving recognizes that corporate relocation is just one of your many responsibilities. As your corporate relocation teammate, we will simplify your relocation program while giving you quality corporate relocation services for each of your relocation employees. We know the importance to having transferees and their families at their new location efficiently, within budget, concentrated and prepared to get to work on their new role. Partnering with a professional corporate relocation mover can be an essential asset in ensuring your corporate relocation moves are efficient and well organized – that is our forte at Corrigan Moving.


Employee Relocation Partner

It’s important to have a corporate relocation program in place specifying the moving benefits provided to your workforce, even if your organization  only relocates a few employees yearly. With Corrigan Moving as your preferred moving and storage partner, your company will strengthen employee benefits while also saving your business time and money. Our highly knowledgeable staff of account representatives, move consultants, van operators and crews become an additional component of your HR workforce by knowing your relocation program and implementing the program requirements while offering top-tier services to your transferees. We work hand-in-hand with your personnel, from the time of submission through the in-home or virtual survey and through unpacking of the final box. Our team provide the top-tier service and hands-on touch needed for your new employees and transferees to get down to business as soon as they arrive.


Corporate Relocation Benefits

A thought-through corporate relocation benefit program is an essential tool when hiring the right person for the role. No matter if your company relocates a small or large quantity of staff yearly, partnering with Corrigan Moving means you will have access to an esteemed team of moving professionals and the most exceptional services in the industry. Our national account partners benefit from:

Automatic discounts and service agreements

Gone are the times of needlessly complicated, and long-winded service agreements that require multiple days under legal review. Our shortened, easy to understand service agreement addressed the needed details without compromising important time, allowing you to swiftly move to the next item on your task list.

Domestic and international relocation services

Corrigan Moving offers both domestic and international household goods moves. You’ll benefit by having a single point of contact and simplistic processes for each of your corporate relocations.

Custom moving solutions

We are dedicated to our corporate partners and will offer the most adaptable amenities and service possibilities within the industry. Regardless if your relocation program calls for lump sum benefits or full-service moving, Corrigan Moving provides the internal services to help you.

Quality service

Our longevity speaks for itself. Having earned the highest recognition honors within the United Van Lines cooperative, Corrigan Moving is continually recognized for the quality services available. Our individual offices, consultants, van operators, and company overall have all received awards.

Personalized and straightforward reporting

As an addition to your staff, we will work immediately with you to determine your reporting needs. Corporate relocation moving partners benefit from personalized reporting, inclusive of easy-to-follow dashboards, complete move information, and straightforward solutions. Budgeting and understanding your relocation benefit program is simpler when working with Corrigan Moving.

Our corporate relocation partners acknowledge that affiliating with Corrigan Moving is easy. With corporate relocation being just a part of HR’s many job requirements, we realize the demands you are under and work not just with you but for you in an effort provide a thorough and excellence-driven relocation package.

Having transferees and their families move to their new location on time, within budget expectations, focused and ready to work on the new role is our primary concern. Corrigan Moving’s staff of professionals will work with your transferees and, under the guidance of their corporate relocation package, customize a relocation to meet their specific needs. Offering relocation solutions for over 90 years, Corrigan Moving has the tools and competence to meet every one of transferee requirements.

Corrigan Moving’s dependability to provide quality corporate relocation services is unmatched in the business and has earned the highest awards presented by United. Corrigan Moving is part of an elite group of moving companies countrywide committed to ongoing development. Through our company training facility, Corrigan Academy, staff receive practical and hands-on training.


Corporate Relocation Employee Benefits

As your corporate relocation partner, your staff and new hires will experience direct benefits of moving with one of the country’s top moving companies. Our expertise and reliability mean your family’s home items will be delivered to their new home on-time and within cost projections, allowing employees to be relaxed and anticipate the new role. 

Flexible in-home and virtual move surveys

A relocation professional will assist and coordinate either an in-person or virtual home survey at an appropriate time and day. After the survey is finalized, the employee will be presented with an accurate move estimate based on their unique expectations.

One-point-of-contact Move Coordinator

After submission of the relocation, a corporate relocation move coordinator will reach out to each employee and guide them throughout their move. Corrigan Moving’s coordinators work continually with your transferees to extend their relocation budget and address all of their moving requirements.

Recognized van operators

Our drivers are the top in the industry. Only highest qualified drivers are assigned to our corporate relocations.

Prioritized pickup and delivery

Certain day requisites for loading and delivery are available for corporate relocations. Achieving higher than industry averages, Corrigan Moving continuously meets on-time loading and delivery dates.

Trained and experienced moving professionals

Through the Corrigan Academy, Corrigan Moving’s state-of-the-art training program, our Corporate Trainer is responsible for training all new staff. New hires are educated on the knowledge and skills to provide the best services out there during each and every move].

Home protection services

Transferee houses are protected fully by our moving staff at both origin and destination. Including door jams, railings and floors, Corrigan Moving’s employees exceed expectations to eliminate any possibility of damage.

Reach out today for additional guidance and details on the best corporate relocation moving services provides. We know you’ll be satisfied!

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