Commitment to Sustainability

Corrigan is an environmentally friendly organization that is committed to sustainability. We believe that sustainability is essential for our future, and we are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact. We are focused on growth, but we are doing it in a socially responsible way. We have environmental objectives and targets in place to promote continual environmental improvement. We accomplish this by focusing on three critical areas: our people, our environment and our future. Below are some specific examples of how Corrigan is working to be more sustainable.

General Sustainability Practices

  • Ensure our sustainability policy and strategy is communicated internally and externally
  • Dedicate budget resources to support sustainability efforts
  • Distribute sustainability guidelines to all employees via intranet
  • Perform ongoing measurement of our sustainability efforts
  • Recognize sustainability accomplishments
  • Sponsor and provide in-kind support to community sustainability initiatives
  • Encourage employees to volunteer for community sustainability initiatives
  • Prefer green products through company purchasing policy
  • Communicate sustainability strategies with vendors/contractors

Energy Efficiency – Office Sustainability Practices

  • Calculate average energy use at each site (electricity and natural gas)
  • Conducted a lighting audit including office and warehouse
  • Implemented a program to replace all incandescent lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Utilizing individual area controls for lighting
  • Installation of sensors to dim or turn off lights in vacated office spaces, kitchens or restrooms
  • Daylight sensors installed to turn off or dim lights when there is enough daylight available
  • Exit lights that are energy efficient lighting
  • Require all new office equipment to meet ENERGY STAR rating standards
  • Default settings on all office computers use sleep mode after a set time of non-use
  • Encourage employees to turn off their computer when leaving the workplace
  • Reduce copier/printer power consumption with stand by mode after designated time of non-use
  • Received rebates from an energy company for installing energy efficient equipment
  • Use of ENERGY STAR vending machines and/or devices to reduce energy used


Energy Efficiency  – Over the Road Equipment Sustainability Practices 

  • Ensure operator owned equipment uses an APU
  • Ensure operator owned equipment is CARB compliant
  • Established a policy to purchase only new equipment that is energy efficient


Indoor Environmental Quality Sustainability Practices 

  • Installation of individual area controls for temperature
  • Track building temperature adjustments throughout the year
  • Adjust office temperature set-points for seasonal fluctuations
  • Designated buildings/office space as smoke free
  • Designated smoking areas more than 25 feet from all entrances and air vents


Waste Products – Office Sustainability Practices

  • Implementation of a recycling policy for all office materials in coordination with overall building recycling
  • Recycling bins at each employee workstation
  • Recycle old computers and other large electronics (printers, copiers)
  • Established a goal to reduce paper use by 10%
  • Set all capable machines to double sided copying and printing by default
  • Use of electronic communication for external documents and invoices
  • Purchase 100% post-consumer recycled paper products (processed chlorine free, PCF) for
  • paper towels, toilet paper, seat covers and tissues
  • Purchase 30% or greater post-consumer recycled copier/printer paper (processed chlorine free, PCF)
  • Elimination of polystyrene (#6 plastic aka Styrofoam) food service products (coffee cups, clam shell boxes, cups, plates, clear PS boxes) from your cafeteria and/or break room


Waste Products - Moving Services Sustainability Practices 

  • Implementation of FastTrack inventory system
  • Require the use of Quotes-To-Go to reduce the amount of paperwork needed during visual surveys and estimates
  • Train of employee packers according to the Quality Labor program to encourage efficient use of packing materials
  • Calculate the amount of packing paper used by employee packers
  • Reduce the amount of packing paper used by employee packers while maintaining quality scores
  • Use of reusable containers for office moves
  • Perform debris pickups and recycle or reuse the materials upon return to warehouses
  • Offer used cartons for sale or for free to customers


Water Sustainability Practices

  • Installation of bottle filling stations for visitors and employees
  • Encourage use of reusable water canteens by employees
  • Installation of faucet aerators, reducing the flow rate from sinks


Employee Transportation - Sustainability Practice

  • Provide parking for bicycle commuters
  • Provide access to showers and/or changing facilities for bicycle commuters
  • Use of virtual meeting tools instead of traveling to meetings
  • Allow employees to telecommute or use flex-time
At Corrigan, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services while also supporting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We believe that these two goals are not mutually exclusive, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our environmental performance without sacrificing the quality of our services.

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