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the Midwest Local Movers

When moving locally, it is easy to believe that this type of move will be a picnic. Luckily, when you work with9 Corrigan Moving, it will be! We often learn from our community who misjudged the elaborateness of their local move. While moving locally definitely is less complicated than a long-distance move, there are still many pieces that need to be flawlessly accomplished. Your items still need to be boxed, loaded onto a moving truck with care, shipped and carried into your new house. Although it may be a short drive around the neighborhood, pausing to ensure your belongings are moved with authority and carefully is why our community depends on us. At Corrigan Moving, we combine over 1929 years of expertise with skilled movers, all with the goal of creating a laid-back relocation for our clients. Reach out for a no-obligation moving estimate and feel open to discuss your expectations with our moving representative.

Corrigan Moving will put a trained and experienced team at your disposal

As the biggest moving company headquartered in Michigan, we have more responsibility toward our customers. Corrigan Moving is a relocation authority with history that go back as far as 1929. From that time on, we have made it our mission to offer our customers with high quality moving services. To fully make sure you have the type of move that you expect, we have paid special attention to choosing the right staff for the job.

Each of our local movers in the Midwest are expected to possess certain personal qualities, such as punctuality, professionalism, and friendliness. Hiring these types of people is merely step number one. Step two is giving them all the tools necessary for a successful move of your household goods.

Instead of learning through in-home practice and breaking your tables and chairs in the process, our movers learn their moving know-how before entering your home. Corrigan Moving has created a complete apartment that acts as training grounds for our movers. Following successfully clearing a background check, our new team members will spend multiple days experiencing all the ins and outs of the business. Therefore, we stay on track with the high customer satisfaction rate that we expect of our family business.

Limit nuisances and elevate efficiency with our local movers in the Midwest

From your first conversation with Corrigan Moving, you’ll understand why we’re different from other local movers. We aren’t a labor business. We do things the right way. This means visually surveying your belongings, planning the access of your home and determining the right plan for success. Doing things the right way does take additional time initially, but when your move crew arrives with all the knowledge and equipment they need to productively and carefully handle your move. We don’t believe in move day surprises, that’s why we take the time to plan for your needs and belongings before the crew arrives. With Corrigan Moving in your corner, you get to172 partner with a team that will make your move a breeze.

We will start by connecting you with a personal moving professional. After a personal consultation, you will feel more knowledgeable about our solutions and responsibilities, alongside your own. Furthermore, it's at this point that we can provide you with a realistic moving estimate that comes with no commitments. You can make modifications to craft the estimate to your moving budget while we tailor your moving experience.

At Corrigan Moving, what we respect most is your time. That is why you will encounter our experts working diligently and rapidly, all the while being attentive to every move we make. We understand that a fast move must work in partnership with the secure shipping of your items. Understand that our movers will appease your requirements with the care of your household goods as our foremost priority.

Know your local movers near you will handle your relocation as a unique process

While we might have over 90 years of experience under our belt, we have never handled two moving endeavors that were specifically the same. Every local move comes with different challenges and situations. And since our local moving team wants you to make sure you get the best treatment, we consistently go the extra mile to ensure it happen. That’s why crafting a unique moving plan is our first step.

After our conversation, we craft our moving plans based on our specialist assessment of your moving expectations. It is our top mission to take every specification into account, tailoring the best game plan for what's to come. After all, there is a lot that can be accomplished with a customized moving plan. A game plan created this way will plan on noticing any problematic areas and we will prevent them before they happen.

Rely on our top-tier household moving solutions

Corrigan Moving has multiple branch locations and services we provide in addition to local moving. Although we have offices in several states, we are still owned and operated by the original family. Independent of the specifics of your move and the challenges of your relocation, you can be confident that we will offer you with as much moving assistance as you want. It is with that focus that we have expanded our range of moving solutions which include:


Trust, honesty, expertise - these are the core tenets that our moving company nurtures. Showcasing skilled and knowledgeable moving experts at the front of your move is the first step in the right direction.

Turn your the Midwest local move into a seamless one with Corrigan Moving

Your local move already has all the potential of becoming a smooth project. But, it’s up to you to partner with the right moving company to see to it that it happens. You can spend your days Googling for 'local movers near me', or you can contact us. Corrigan Moving will use all of our moving industry know-how to give you with a relocation worth remembering.

Begin researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our hand-picked collection of resource materials designed to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.

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