Customs Compliance Support

When looking forward to intercontinental move, it can be quite exciting. And, it can be intimidating, too. Know that when picking Corrigan Moving as your international moving company, you’re choosing to have a teammate during each phase of the process. Our years of international moving experience allows you to have the assurance to move forward knowing that your belongings will be handled carefully on their international voyage.

We began moving families in 1929. To this day, we have extended our service offerings and have served tens-of-thousands of households and individuals relocate abroad. Regardless if this is your very first international move, or if you are an expert journeyer, Corrigan will walk you through each step to make sure you are comfortable with the relocation process and certain that your items will clear customs and be delivered to your new house safely.

One contact, Global Relocation Specialist

Essential to the success of your relocation is your single contact with Corrigan. You will be teamed up with a Global Relocation Specialist. This individual has broad experience helping households like yours in relocating internationally. They are familiar with the intricate customs and immigration policies around the world and will make sure you are ready for the future. You will be confident knowing that your shipment and documents will be managed the right way, so your delivery can occur with no delay.

We deliver comprehensive customs clearance support

Throughout your relocation process, your Global Relocation Specialist will be sure that your shipment meets all the laws to have clearance through customs. In the unlikely event that a visual inspection is required by customs, your GRS will continue to connect with you, so you can anticipate every stage. We can decrease the number of our containers that require a visual check at customs by ensuring that the relocation process and all the paperwork meet their expectations.


Starts with your inventory – what you can pack and what is is allowed

Smooth and productive international moves begin with a thorough in-home or virtual home survey. Here, our international moving professionals will look at all the things in your home that is moving. They will put together an inventory of all parts of your relocation – air shipment, sea shipment, and storage. This will be the starting point to have discussions with your Global Relocation Specialist about what things you would like to include in each shipment type. Additionally, you will be provided with the unique regulations for the nation you are relocating to. Every country has exclusive and unique requirements for what items you are or are not allowed to bring into the country. Understanding this info at the start means you’ll be ready ahead of move day.

When packing and loading, the movers will fill out all the necessary inventory paperwork and carefully wrap everything

The following stage of ensuring your documentation is accurate and fully executed takes place on packing day and moving day. Your team will be specifically educated regarding the special paperwork requirements for international relocations. They will ensure that the inventory is accurate. One major component of this is that we are required to pack or visually confirm every box in the container. This gives our crews the ability to ensure that no item is being shipped that isn’t permitted into your destination country. Additionally, it gives us the time to accurately itemize everything on your inventory – an essential aspect of following through on customs requirements.

Global Relocation Specialist will make sure everything is ready to go to limit delays

Your Global Relocation Specialist will be sure all the documentation is accurate and complete. From there, they will talk with you regarding the scheduling of both your air and sea shipments. You can expect the delays will be less frequent because Corrigan Moving is committed to ensuring your move is set.

Begin researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our hand-picked collection of resource materials designed to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.

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