June 01, 2022

Les Biegel Awarded Paul Corrigan Excellence Award 2021

In a typical year, Corrigan employees would be gathering for our annual Awards Banquet. With festivities and comradery, we celebrate our year of accomplishments and congratulate our award winners. The top performers in Customer Service, Operations, and Sales are celebrated.

The highest honor is the Paul Corrigan Excellence Award. This is a special award given to an individual who exemplifies the four characteristics that our leader, Paul Corrigan, values most: Integrity, Innovation, Leadership, and Hard Work.

In a year unlike any other, there was one Individual who really stood out to me. Les Biegel deserved this award.

COVID destroyed our Trade Show Logistics Division by canceling all the Auto Shows. But Les did not let that stop him. He worked very hard to find work for our Logistics drivers. He started a robust Brokerage Division that found outside haulers for our business and found extra shipments our drivers could haul. He used his drivers to help the household good division over the summer when trucks were scarce.

Now Les did not do all this on his own, he has wonderful people working for him that made all this happen. But it was Les’ leadership that got our Logistics department through a difficult year.

I expect Logistics to be a big growth area for Corrigan/Premier in the years to come.

Please reach out to Les to congratulate him on receiving the highest honor anyone can get here at Corrigan.

Thank you, Les, for all you have done.

David Corrigan


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