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June 03, 2022

Exceptional Training with Corrigan Academy

The key to a quality move is having well trained movers handling your belongings. Corrigan has the best training program in the industry – Corrigan Academy. Corrigan Academy is an extensive training system for moving professionals. Designed by our top crew members and operations professionals, the skills taught in these classes are why we can proudly say that your move with Corrigan will be your Best Move Ever.

Corrigan has built a moving simulation area within our facility – the Kathleen Corrigan Training Center.

This facility is complete with all the furniture and belongings typically found in a home. It also has multiple sets of stairs with different challenges on each. One set has a turn that needs to be navigated and another has a low overhang to practice moving under. Attention to details like these are why this training center and Corrigan Academy are so successful.

Every crew member when hired, goes through Basic Training. This class teaching the essentials of moving prior to being sent out to a customer’s home. This includes how to protect a customer’s home and belongings, while keeping themselves and others safe.

Advanced classes are also available, teaching advanced moving and leadership skills. This allows Corrigan to promote from within our own workforce. We are proud to support the crew members who excel in moving skills, leadership, and safety by giving them the training and support they need to advance their skills and career. There is currently a total of 10 different classes ranging from Advanced Mover Training to CDL-A Training. Last year 204 people attended one or more Corrigan Academy classes.

For the past few years, Corrigan has become a Certified Driver Training School. By doing this and having a dedicated Company Trainer, we are able to train the CDL-A drivers that we need to meet the demand. We have trained 27 additional CDL-A drivers through this program, thus reducing the impact of the driver shortage for our clients.

Our training program is growing and expanding.

This year we added 2 more classes and a second trainer to expand the capacity. We want to make sure everyone is as well trained as possible when they’re entering your home.

Corrigan is very proud of the people who work here. We’re proud of who they are and the service they provide. Because of this, we are committed to investing in them to improve their skills and ability to better serve you.

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