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Farmington Hills, MI

Home to our company’s headquarters, Farmington Hills is a community rich with friendly people and growing business. We not only see ourselves as the golden standard for professional relocation, but also as the Farmington Hills moving company willing to do whatever it takes to bring quality, passion and great service to every move. A family-owned and operated company, Corrigan Moving Systems is not just another Farmington Hills moving company but, instead, one that brings exceptional experiences to our customers. Our customers can expect the very best from us when they choose our team of professional movers – something that truly sets us apart from every other Farmington Hills moving company. If you would like to find out more about your moving needs through an on-site survey or find what our company can do for you, contact our office today for more information.

Farmington Hills, MI Local Moving Services

Corrigan Moving Systems provides Local household moves in and around Farmington Hills MI. If you are just looking for someone to help with the heavy lifting or a full-service local move, Corrigan Moving Systems provides competitive quotes and great service.

Farmington Hills, MI Long Distance Moving Services

Moving long distance or out of Michigan? Corrigan Moving Systems is a United Van Lines Agent, so we are part of the strongest national network of long-distance move agents. Our professional move coordinator will plan your move, coordinate all the steps, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our Farmington Hills movers are different than the movers you will find at other companies.  Every member of our team is dedicated to providing each customer with the best moving experience possible—from the initial contact with the mover all the way through the move process until the last box of dishes is unpacked.  If you need packing or moving assistance in the Detroit, Farmington Hills, Novi, West Bloomfield, or Royal Oak area, please contact us for a free quote.  We are more than happy to help in any way we can.

Portable Storage Containers – Corrigan Cube

You load…we move! Our portable storage containers are approximately 16’ long, 8’ wide and 8’ high, and able to hold the contents of a typical 1,500-square-foot space.

Ground level, easy load containers make the process of storing and moving your belongings quick and convenient. Learn more at

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Farmington Hills Moving Company


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What Customers are Saying?
"I had the best experience with Corrigan Moving Systems in terms of punctuality and quality. I was been updated about the pickup and delivery and they kept their promise. The time for pickup and delivery was also pretty short. This helped us in getting ourselves setup fast without any issues. Even though there were damages to the items, I was asked to fulfil the form and the full amount claimed was refunded. This was a pretty neat service I have come across so far. Appreciate their service."
Ram Mohan
"My husband and I moved from OH to SC. Moving is always stressful, but the coordinators at Corrigan communicated every step of the process. Tim came out for the estimate and made sure I was comfortable with and understood the items in the quote. The person who packed the boxes, although a bit curt and patronizing, did a great job ensuring everything was secure (his attitude, though, is why I didn't give five stars). The men who loaded the truck, Roger and Omar, were great, and Sam, the driver, was spot on with the directing loading and completing the driving. All around, I would DEFINITELY use Corrigan again. They were fantastic!"
Vanessa Fitsanakis
"Very bad experience with this company. It started with the person who came to give the estimate (Chuck); he was arrogant, impatient with our questions. Then on the day of the move, the crew that came was the least experienced, compared to my previous moves; on top of a negative attitude from beginning till the end. They damaged a sofa, my walls, and instead of apologizing, the head of the crew was upset b/c he found the move more difficult than he expected! When we got to the new house, they were rushing and the quality of the job went down even further. Boxes placed all over in the wrong places. Heard the head of the crew tell others that he wants to be home soon! Finally, the ripping off. When we got to the payment, Antonio, the head mover told me that they used only one truck, and that is how they will charge me. But later, the company sent me a bill for a second truck. When I protested, supported by what Antonio told me, the answer was that it’s true that no furniture at all was loaded in the second truck, but they needed it anyway to transfer their equipment. A whole truck for equipment! Reversing and contradicting what I saw and was told on the move day. I could not reason with anybody from the company, and again, always the same arrogance and indifference to the customer. I waservice in return, the opposite. It’s just a completely losing equation for any customer, and i recommend strongly against it. There are much better options all around."
Fadi Saad
"Had Corrigan move my home and the guys who moved us were very nice, but I lost a decorative pillow, some car floor mats and bolts to put my treadmill back together. I called my moving coordinator and she had me call the insurance coordinator. She asked the guy who was in charge of the move but he said they couldn’t find anything In the truck and denied my claim. Mover beware!"
Craig Manser
"My wife and I have moved 8 times together. We were coming off our worst move last year. This move was by far the best we have ever experienced! Everything was planned and communicated well by our coordinator and the crews that we had on both the load and unload side were excellent. But the best thing about the move was the driver, Kyle. He was professional, thorough and tireless. He made every attempt to do whatever we asked him to, with the exception of things that they were not allowed to do by company policy. But even on those he explained thoroughly the reason why and made sure we understood. We HATE moving (and hope this our last one for a LONG time) but Kyle helped to make this a painless of an experience as could be had."
Adam Holton