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Farmington Hills, MI

Home to our company’s headquarters, Farmington Hills is a community rich with friendly people and growing business. We not only see ourselves as the golden standard for professional relocation, but also as the Farmington Hills moving company willing to do whatever it takes to bring quality, passion and great service to every move. A family-owned and operated company, Corrigan Moving Systems is not just another Farmington Hills moving company but, instead, one that brings exceptional experiences to our customers. Our customers can expect the very best from us when they choose our team of professional movers – something that truly sets us apart from every other Farmington Hills moving company. If you would like to find out more about your moving needs through an on-site survey or find what our company can do for you, contact our office today for more information.

Farmington Hills, MI Local Moving Services

Corrigan Moving Systems provides Local household moves in and around Farmington Hills MI. If you are just looking for someone to help with the heavy lifting or a full-service local move, Corrigan Moving Systems provides competitive quotes and great service.

Farmington Hills, MI Long Distance Moving Services

Moving long distance or out of Michigan? Corrigan Moving Systems is a United Van Lines Agent, so we are part of the strongest national network of long-distance move agents. Our professional move coordinator will plan your move, coordinate all the steps, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our Farmington Hills movers are different than the movers you will find at other companies.  Every member of our team is dedicated to providing each customer with the best moving experience possible—from the initial contact with the mover all the way through the move process until the last box of dishes is unpacked.  If you need packing or moving assistance in the Detroit, Farmington Hills, Novi, West Bloomfield, or Royal Oak area, please contact us for a free quote.  We are more than happy to help in any way we can.


Farmington Hills Moving Company


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What Customers are Saying?
"I moved my 80-year old mother from South Bend, IN (3-story home) to Dallas. Corrigan Moving System was absolutely excellent. The pricing quote was on target (within a few dollars) and the movers were courteous and professional. She had lots of antiques and not one thing was broken. They carefully packed items and wrapped furniture. I appreciate the service and if I ever have to move again, I will call Corrigan FIRST without a doubt."
Clarissa Plair
"Great team at the Farmington location. Extremely customer focused, striving continuously to understand and meet customer needs/desires."
Bernadine Irby-Cobb
"Very easy way to move! They did a walk- through with me to start so they knew exact what to move. Asked me to walk through to be sure it was all moved. Efficient, nice gentlemen doing the moving. Same with the office personnel who arranged the move, called to see how it was going and of the estimator who comes after the first phone call. I will use them again."
Ellen King
"Update/Edit: TL;DR - Corrigan explained some misunderstandings, went above and beyond to verify our missing items and is helping replace them even if they don't technically have to. Extremely impressed with their response and customer service. I'm editing my review based on Corrigan's response and help. After my initial review, Corrigan reached out and provided me with a contact if I wanted to discuss further. I did reach to Terri and we discussed the issues that I had and I told her about my frustrations in the response I got about our missing item claim. As it turns out, the response I was given was NOT from Corrigan but from the 3rd party company that handled out claim, which is not selected by Corrigan. So while the 3rd party told me that Corrigan was not willing to work with us, that was not true. Corrigan had actually looked for my items and was unable to find them and since the paper worked looked correct, they were unsure of further action. All understandable from their end. The fact that they actually attempted to find our items and didn't just say "oh well" helped with my frustration a lot. It means a ton when a company actually tries to help, even if they don't actually have to. Additionally, when I talked to Terri not only did she explain the above she also offered to still help look for my items. I asked if I sent photos and where they would have been located in my apartment if they could show them to the team that helped us move and see if they at least remembered them. I felt like I was going crazy trying to figure it out, to the point I almost questioned if we actually had the items when we moved. Terri said yes and had the lead mover reference the photos. He did in fact remember them, which frankly was a huge peace of mind for me. Even if we no longer had the items, at least I knew that they did get packed and I wasn't crazy. While Corrigan doesn't have to offer to still help replace the items, they have anyways. I definitely didn't expect them to do that because by all accounts, our items should exist and should have made it to their destination according to our paperwork. Terri walked me through it all over the phone and we double checked our copies together (which was very nice to be able to do). I really appreciate Corrigan customer service and their willingness to help. It means a lot and I would definitely love to work with them for future moves (which we probably will move again). Our moving coordinator was great as was the lead packer and the people who dropped our stuff off. They were all very communicative and kind. When they packed our items, they made sure to ask questions if needed and double check things they weren't sure of. They also asked if I didn't mind if they would play music, which I didn't. At one point, someone said "hey maybe pick something else, she might not want to hear that". Which I told them I listened to the same music (Top 100 on Spotify) and I didn't mind (I would have something if I did). It was nice to know though that they are conscious of that and still act like guests in a home, even though they are the ones providing a service. While some items did break or were missing, Corrigan has gone above and beyond. The broken items were kept to a minimum and honestly, a lot more would probably have been broken if we did it ourselves. They wrapped everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Our taco bell sauce packets that I forgot about in a junk drawer were even wrapped up. It was nice to have similar items wrapped together but it was a bit funny. Like a little surprise in every box!"
Cori Perry
"A good company and a good value"
Brian Cylkowski