May 16, 2022

What You Should Be Doing 2-4 Weeks Before Moving Day


Your moving day is less than a month away and it probably feels like “crunch time” is here. There are still plenty of things to get in order, but by following the steps below you can rest easy knowing that everything is on schedule for the big day.

To help with that, we have chronicled all of the big hurdles you need to clear before the big day occurs. If you want to refer back to what you should have already handled, or look ahead, you can review our tips with following links:

Before moving day arrives, consider the following during the remaining weeks before moving day:

Inform your Mover of any Changes

Some details of your moving plan can seem to change on a day-to-day basis. As your departure date approaches, remember to keep your moving company updated on these changes. This will often include items you’ve added or subtracted from your moving list or any additional stops you’d like the movers to make along the way.

Additionally, make sure your movers have your contact address and the phone numbers where you can be reached while en route to your destination. Keeping your mover informed is the easiest way to make sure there are no unexpected surprises come move day.

Say Your Goodbyes

Moving is such an exciting time, but it can also bring on some melancholic feelings as you prepare to leave a place you once called home. To mitigate the difficulty of leaving behind old friends and memories, throw yourself a going-away party. You have enough things to worry about, so don’t make it too extravagant. Invite everyone who made your time in your home so special and host a small dinner or barbeque to enjoy their company and reminisce over your time together.

Prepare for the Day of the Move

It may seem like you have plenty of time, but moving day can sneak up quickly. Take care of whatever you can early, so that you don’t get overwhelmed right before your move. If necessary, make hotel reservations now, should you need to spend the night somewhere on the way. If you’re driving your car to your new place during your move, take it in for an oil change and a service check-up... nobody wants a car breakdown in the middle of such an important event!

Begin Packing

If you are planning on packing your own belongings for your move, now is a great time to get started. Packing is a time-consuming process that should not be put off until the last minute. Start with the non-essential items in your house and the rooms that you do not use frequently. If you need help finding good packing materials, reach out to your mover and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Be sure to check out Corrigan’s website for many useful packing tips as well.

Prepare Plants and Pets

Take your pets to the veterinarian to ensure they have the required certificates and inoculations in your new state if you are moving that far. Also, be sure to finalize their plans for travel day as a whole – by deciding early on how your pets will be getting to their new home, you will avoid the stress of last-minute decisions and potential fees involved with travel.

Decide what to do with your house plants. Because moving vans change temperature so frequently and your plants will not be able to receive light or water, Corrigan cannot take responsibility for what happens to your plants during the move. Consider moving your plants in a family car, giving them to friends or donating to a local organization.

Moving day is right around the corner! Taking care of as many things as you can ahead of time will make your actual moving day much less stressful. A common mistake people who are moving make is leaving too many tasks for the last minute. By following the steps above you’ll set yourself up for a smooth and successful relocation well before moving day.

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