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Corrigan Quality Recognized Throughout the Industry

Having been in the moving business for almost 85 years, we have learned a lot about what constitutes a successful move. Our employees consider every move that ends with a happy customer to be a team win. Put simply, going above and beyond keeps us motivated every day. It is this commitment to excellence and customer service that has earned us recognition from many different organizations.  We are proud to have received a variety of awards recognizing us for the Corrigan quality we put into our business every day.   Read more.

Dave Corrigan

Written by Dave Corrigan

As a third generation Corrigan, Dave serves as the President of Corrigan Moving Systems.

United Releases Annual Migration Report for 2012

If you could pack up your things and move to any state in the U.S., where would you go? Would you head toward family, warm weather, better jobs or something else? If you’re like most people, according to a recent study, you probably prefer a state with weather that is as nice as the job outlook.   Read more.