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The Difference Between Selling and Servicing a Move

Choosing the right moving company is always a difficult task.  You can open up the phone book or do a Google search, and you will quickly discover dozens of movers willing to take on your move.  At a quick glance they all look about the same too.  So how do you sort through all the moving companies and select the best one for you?  One major thing you will want to verify is that the mover you select is going to be the company who services your move.  Some companies do not service their own moves but just sell the move and then contract your business out to someone else.

The difference between selling and servicing a move is an important distinction to understand.  A company that services a move controls the entire process.  After you book your move one of their own coordinators steps in to manage the process and the company’s own movers come on out to handle your move.  This is just how you would expect the process to go. Companies that only sell moves however will not be the company that shows up on move day.  These companies contract out your move to a different local moving company.  After you book with them they reach out to actual movers in your area and find the company who will do the move for the least amount of money.  They act as a middle man to take a cut of the money from your move.

If you choose a mover who is just selling your move but not servicing it there is a much greater chance of problems to occur during your move.  For one, you do not know the quality standards of the movers who will show up to handle your move.  Since your move was sold to the lowest bidder, their quality is usually not very high.  This can lead to damaged items.  Also, since two companies are now involved instead of one the chance of details being missed is much higher.  This can lead to poor customer service and late deliveries.  If things go wrong, the company you booked your move with is often not going to be in a position to make things right, even if they try, since the entire process is not under their control.

Compare this to a company who is servicing a move and is fully in control of your belongings the entire process.  Their sales representatives will come out to your house and meet with you in person to fully understand your move.  Your move coordinator works out of the same office as your movers, so that they can communicate easily and make sure everyone is well prepared.  The movers who come out are employees of the same company and have all been background checked and drug screened, and take pride in their work. Since all aspects of your move are handled under one roof, details do not slip through the cracks.  This is how things are done at companies like Corrigan Moving Systems.

So how do you tell if the company you are talking to is just selling your move, or if they will also be servicing it?  The easiest way to do this is to make sure that the company has a physical location near you.  A good moving company will have its own warehouse, its own trucks, and its own employees.  Ask your mover if you can tour their facility.  If they have these things, they won’t object.  At the very least go online and verify that the company has a physical address nearby.  A satellite view of their location should show a large warehouse with room for plenty of trucks.  Some places will rent a tiny storefront to claim they have a local address.

When you are hiring a mover, make sure you understand who will be servicing your move.  It sounds simple, but there are companies out there who don’t do this, especially companies you find online.  These companies give the moving industry a bad name.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you are working with a high quality mover who will service your entire move.  You will be glad you did.

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