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How to Prepare Your Employees For an Office Move

Whether you’re expanding to a bigger office because your business is growing or you’re moving to modern office space to keep up with the competition, it’s cause for excitement.

However, preparing for the office move is also tricky for everyone involved, especially your employees. That’s why it’s important to take the right steps to prepare them for moving to a new location.

Keep reading to find out how you can prepare for an office move and secure a smooth transition to a new space.

1. Effectively Communicate With Staff

There are few things worse for an employee than hearing about news that affects them at the last minute. Make sure you communicate effectively with your staff about the office move. This way they have plenty of time to prepare themselves for the transition.

But it’s not enough to just tell them about the move. It’s also essential you explain why the company is moving.

What will this mean for jobs? Will this affect clients and customers? How will suppliers be impacted by the move?

If your new office is in another location, this could have significant consequences for the families and homes of your employees. This affects commutes to work but also childcare responsibilities.

You can ease the stress and strain of moving offices for your employees by providing clear dates on when the move will take place and any other information and guidance on how they can best prepare for the changes ahead.

2. Involve Your Employees in the Move

Rather than merely informing your employees why and when you’re moving offices, you can also involve them in the process from the beginning. This allows you to get “buy-in” from your staff.

You can achieve this by establishing committees and liaisons to help make sure the transition goes smoothly. This also serves to create a platform for staff to ask questions and concerns about the move.

You can also create a buzz and positive attitude about the move rather than focusing on the stress and challenges of moving. You can do this by consulting employees about layout and design of the new offices.

3. Opportunity to Organize

Moving all of your office materials and equipment to another location is quite an undertaking. But it’s also an opportunity to organize and declutter your current office space.

You should encourage staff to efficiently and effectively pack away their files, papers, and equipment. This further develops the feeling of a new and fresh start once you arrive in the new office space. Provide staff with the materials, such as boxes and labels to achieve this.

You can also inform staff that they can deliver their personal possessions, such as photos and ornaments before the move to ensure they arrive.

4. Relocations to Other Cities

Moving offices to another city entirely is quite different from moving a couple of blocks in the same city.

If you’re moving to a different location entirely, you’re leaving your employees with a difficult choice about whether to relocate as well. If you’re moving long distances, make sure you inform everyone affected as soon as possible.

Further Office Move Support

For more tips on how to make moving offices much easier, check out our blog on many interesting and useful tips.

Contact us directly for more information on how we can get you to your new home.

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