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The Ultimate Office Move Checklist for Employees

Your company is growing, and you’re moving into a bigger space. Maybe your lease is up, and you want something new. Whatever the reason for the move, you need a plan to get from point A to point B.

To successfully achieve this enormous task, you will need an office move checklist. This list should include specific tasks for each department and every employee.

You will also need to create a moving timeline, outlining specific objectives.

Moving an office is no different than moving from one home to another. If you are moving to a new office this year, continue reading for important steps for the ultimate office move.

Take Inventory To Create Your Office Move Checklist

The first step on your office move checklist is taking inventory of all equipment, supplies, and furniture.

Have employees create inventory lists of their office area or cubicle. An office assistant should be assigned to list items in supply closets and other areas where items are stored.

Develop a method of tagging items. This will also consist of recording the condition of desks, tables and other furnishings. Order packing boxes and other materials.

You may also want to assign group leaders who will be responsible for their areas.

Have Employees Pack Their Desk

More than likely you will be hiring a professional moving company. Some may not cover items not associated with your business. Your company should not be responsible for employee’s personal property.

Weeks before the move, have employees take personal items home that they have at their desk and in the break room.

The week of the move, they should begin packing up non-essential items, saving pertinent pieces for the day before movers will arrive. The move should occur over the weekend to limit disruption to business operations.

Employees scheduled for time-off should pack their desks before leaving.

Your Office Move Checklist Should Include Desktop Support

Whether you’re using onsite staff or offsite contractors, coordinate your move with IT professionals. They will pack-up computers, printers and other electronic devices in a safe, secure manner.

Packing electronics is not a task you want to leave to untrained employees.

Backup all data and make sure each piece of equipment is labeled correctly. Information gathered should include, serial numbers, department and employee name.

For the least disruption, the breakdown should occur after the business closes the day before movers are scheduled to arrive. The set-up at the new office should take place before employees return to work.

This is also a good time to discard outdated, unused equipment.

Conduct a Final Walk Through

After the movers have loaded the final boxes, do a walkthrough of the space including every room in the building. Take pictures as a precaution.

Are You Planning an Office Move?

Our list includes essential parts for relocating your office. However, your office move checklist will have many behind the scene variables, like putting in address changes and updating online resources.

It will be a stressful time, but hiring the right moving company can help relieve some of that stress.

Corrigan Moving Systems has almost 90 years of experience. Contact us today for a free quote.

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