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May 11, 2022

Moving Your Business in the Right Direction

In the corporate world, deciding to move your business can be a difficult decision. Moving your business has the risk to shut down your day-to-day operations and it is always a lot of logistical work and planning. However, the good news is that a business move can present a lot of upside and can provide employees a boost as you continue to grow.

The first step to successfully moving your business is working through the logistics, and employee sentiments, that come before you relocate. Along the way, make sure to keep your employees’ needs, both personal and professional, in mind throughout and remember that it’s not possible to plan too far ahead.

Be transparent

Make sure your employees are aware of the precise dates of your business move at least a month ahead of time. Also, try to let everyone know if there are any days that the office will be closed or if day-to-day necessities like internet service will be interrupted. This will help employees to notify clients of their schedules well in advance, giving them time to reschedule any appointments or deadlines accordingly.

The more open you are with your employees about the move, the easier things will be for everyone involved. It is a good idea to hold a mandatory, all-hands meeting to answer any questions and provide insights about the process of moving your business well in advance. This will provide everyone with clarity on the process and what can be expected moving forward.

Ask for employee input

Moving your business into a new space gives you a blank canvas upon which you can grow your organization. You’ll want your employees to be comfortable in their new location, so get their opinion on how the new work area should be laid out or decorated.

Also take into account their preferences—and productivity—when contemplating the facility layout. While an efficient, productive layout is most important, new amenities such as an espresso machine or employee lounge can be a great way to boost workplace morale. A grand reveal can be exciting and a fun moment, but we have found that you may discover problems after it’s too late.

Hire an experienced moving company

Your business is much too important to try and move everything yourself, or to hire a budget moving company. Today’s businesses use all kinds of expensive and valuable equipment, and you want to ensure that it all gets to the other end safe and sound. An experienced commercial moving company will also be able to help you plan out the entire move timetable, and will help you to avoid any pitfalls that could derail your business.

Consider moving during a weekend or after hours

The entire time your office is closed is a missed opportunity to get business done. Depending on the nature of your business, it may be too costly to close your business down during normal business hours. With that in mind, consider scheduling it around a weekend or during the evenings. This will mean your move can be taken care of while your office would have been closed anyway. Doing so is especially helpful for avoiding any disruption helping your clients.

Throw a grand opening party

Once you finally move in, it’s time to celebrate! Throw a company-wide grand opening party where you can discuss plans for the new location, along with soliciting input on future changes that might be possible down the road.

Understand that small hiccups may arise in your first few weeks in a new location, so don’t expect everything to be perfect. But with the right attitude, a little luck and a lot of patience, moving your business can put you in a better place—figuratively and literally.

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