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Simple Home Security: Top Tips for New Homeowners

While statistics show a decrease in the overall burglary rate, home robberies still occur about once every 13 seconds.

Moving into your new house is an exciting time. By making simple home security part of your move-in plan, you can protect your investment and keep your family safe.

Don’t let the excitement and commotion of the process cause you to overlook things that might jeopardize your safety. Before you throw that housewarming party, make sure you’ve considered the following simple and effective home security tips.

Change the Locks

As soon as you move into your new home, you should replace every exterior lock. So many people — the previous owners, whoever they gave a spare key to, the realtors, etc., — all could still have keys floating around somewhere.

It’s hard to feel safe not knowing who has access to your home. Changing the locks is a simple home security step that immediately puts you in firmer control of your property.

Once you’ve changed the locks, be careful who you issue a spare key to. If your habit is to leave a spare key somewhere around your property, be very discreet and make sure only the absolute necessary people know its location.

Simple Home Security Begins in the Neighborhood

Getting to know your neighbors, and letting them get to know you, is one of the best ways to stay safe. You will become part of a community that looks out for each other.

If there’s a local neighborhood watch, strongly consider joining. There is strength in numbers. If there isn’t one, consider starting your own neighborhood watch.

Take a drive through your neighborhood at different hours of the day. Become accustomed to what goes on around you and what areas might be more dangerous than others.

Being observant of your surroundings will give you an earlier sense of when something is out of place, keeping you and your valuables safer.

Be Aware of Who’s Coming and Going

There is a lot of commotion around moving time. With many people entering and exiting your property, it’s important that you’re aware of who they are and who might be watching.

Burglars use new move-ins as an opportunity to scout their potential heist. Avoid leaving valuables out in the open as you’re moving. And pay attention to everyone in and around your home.

Hiring professional movers like us can take the worry out of this part of the process. We’re as concerned for keeping you and your items safe as you are. We can help you plan your move to assure that everything runs smoothly.

Think Like a Burglar

One of the best simple home security tricks is to put yourself in the mind of a would-be criminal.

Scout your new home. If you lost your key, how would you enter? Chances are high the first place you think of is what the criminal will think of too.

Secure any weak entry points. Replace loose sliding glass doors and windows and broken screens. Make sure the garage closes properly and isn’t easily compromised.

Likewise, make sure your home is well-lit at night. Good lighting detracts criminals and creates a sense of protection for you. Any dark corners on your property are more vulnerable to lurkers.

Consider a Security System

Investing in a home security system can also help keep your home safer. Criminals are much less likely to rob a home that has a system in place.

Shop around to find a price and a system that makes sense for your family. Don’t be fooled or up-sold by a salesperson’s scare tactics, though. Do your research, so you know what you’re getting.

Your home security system should include a loud alarm. If a criminal tries to break in, there most likely isn’t enough time for the police or the security company to arrive to catch them in the act. However, no criminal wants to draw extra attention to themselves.

Having a blaring alarm that alerts your neighbors may make a burglar think twice about entering your property.

Be Secure Before You Move

Congratulations on your new home! It’s an exciting time for you and your family.

And by taking these few simple home security steps, you are well on your way to making sure you can enjoy your home for a long time.

Even before you move in, we can help prepare you so your items arrive safely and you have everything you need. Request a free quote today and let us help you move your life forward.

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