May 29, 2022

Key Items to Remember Before Move Day

There are so many moving pieces to keep organized when moving your family. Following these guides will ensure nothing is forgotten and everyone & everything is ready to go before your move.

But if we had to mention 2 of the utmost important items, here they are:

  1. Label, Label, Label

If you’ve decided to pack your own belongings, you’ve taken on a very big task. People are usually surprised by how many boxes they ultimately have packed once everything is out of the closets, drawers, and storage spaces. All these boxes can cause extra stress when it comes to unpacking, if they aren’t properly labeled to start with.

Never assume you’ll remember that you put the coffee pot in with the crock pot. Or that you tucked your favorite shoes in with the bathroom items, because you had extra space. Label the outside of the box with a description of the contents. The more specific you can be now, the more grateful you’ll be later. If there is something in the box that you think you’ll want right away, be sure that is specifically listed.

Use a labeling system that works for you. Some people color-code everything. Others make a separate list in a notebook and then use a numbering system to correspond the list to the specific box. Another option is just to write on the box itself. Always label on the SIDE of the box. Never the top. When boxes are stacked on top of each other, you’ll want to be able to still read the labeling on the side.

Every box should have your name and order number on it. This will help ensure that your items are never confused with another shipment that it may come in contact with (particularly for interstate moves).

Lastly, always include on the box the room that the contents came from. Or more specifically, the room that you would like them placed in at destination. This will make delivery go smoothly because the crew will already know where to place the boxes and won’t take extra time asking you for direction. Check out this for more tips on labeling boxes.

  1. Pack a Suitcase for Each Family Member

Even if you’re just moving locally and you’ll be in your new home before dinnertime, pack a suitcase for everyone. Place enough items in it for the first night or two. Unpacking your boxes into your new home can be a long process. Having just arrived at your new home, you aren’t going to want to dig through all your “Bathroom Items” boxes to find your toothbrush. The suitcases will make the first night and morning in your new home much more relaxing.

Include in this suitcase a few essentials, too

  • a roll of toilet paper
  • shower curtain
  • basic cleaning supplies
  • paper towels
  • phone and laptop chargers
  • a few toys and games for the kids


If you keep these simple tips in mind, your moving day will be a breeze. Just remember — it's all in the preparation.

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