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Simple Decorating Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

You’ve done it! You found a new place to live and you’re ready to settle in. But whether it’s a new home, condo or apartment, it can take some people weeks—or months—before you’re able to make your new house feel like home.

It will always take some time to adjust to new surroundings, but you can easily expedite that process by adding some personality to your new place right off the bat. Don’t hold back from putting your own spin on things and injecting a little bit of your unique personality into each room.  Base your decorations around who you are and your entire home will quickly feel like your own.

Here are a few simple ways to get started:

Get Colorful

Take advantage of your favorite color and create a room around it. You can tailor an entire room to your personality by filling it with decorations that are orange, or green, or purple or whatever your favorite color might be. It doesn’t have to be tacky or overwhelming; peppering in a few like-colored household items will liven things up a little and make you smile every time you walk into the room.

To that point, using a color as a starting point can also help get the ball rolling with any “extra” room you have that doesn’t have an immediate purpose. Do you have a mundane guest room or entry area? Invigorate it by painting it a vibrant color that will “pop” to anyone who walks in. It may not be ideal for the master bedroom or family room, but it can work in many other rooms—even your basement.


Your move is finally over, so it’s likely that the last thing you want to do right now is take on too expensive or time-consuming of a renovation project. But you can easily add some of your own personality to your new home with small-scale projects that won’t take any more than a weekend.

Repainting or refinishing some wooden furniture is a perfect way to add character to a room, and shouldn’t take you more than a handful of hours. Even a simple project like adding new plants in decorative pots and vases can bring a fresh new dose of energy to your house. Just don’t forget to water them!

Get help from friends

If you are having trouble coming up with good ideas, invite one of your best friends over—someone who will likely be visiting often—and ask their opinion on what to do. It can be a fun activity to brainstorm together, and a fresh set of eyes can help inspire some concepts that would never have crossed your mind. Working on a project with a friend can be a fun way to spend a weekend, and the finished project will add a splash of personality to your home that you both will appreciate.

Whatever you choose to do with your decorations, don’t be afraid to take a few risks and try something new. Your home is, quite simply, yours.  With the right touch, you can make your new home an extension of yourself—and have a great time in the process.

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