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Customers Share their Moving Success Stories

One of the best parts of our job is hearing back from satisfied customers after the completion of their move.  Our entire team works diligently every day to make sure every move goes right.  In the last week we received two separate letters from past customers.  Both customers just completed their move with Corrigan Moving, and both customers were moved by the same driver – Eddie Clements.  They were such great letters we just had to share.

The first letter comes from Stacie Sprague, who we recently moved from Michigan to Alabama.


Dear Mr Corrigan-

A week ago Monday, Eddie and Mike moved my stuff into my new apartment.  I
will only give the highlights of the excellent service that I received:
1)  From the minute I talked to Eddie on the telephone, I felt like I had
known him forever:  He elicited my trust.

2)  My rug was too big.  Oh, no, what to do?  Eddie pulled out a
razor-knife and offered to cut it, using his sweat effort and his time:
That was a cool & quick-thinking idea which I loved.

3)  My bed was brand new, a Sleep Number bed, which was in three boxes, and
I did not expect them to assemble it since they hadn’t taken it apart
initially.  What a relief & wonderful surprise to realize they had done
it!!  It seems Mike sleeps on one and is familiar with them:  That was a
kind, kind gift to me that they did not have to do.

4)  I am a recent divorced person, after 34 years of marriage.  My
furniture was great in a 3500 sq ft home, but finding good placement in
this little apartment was a challenge:  They gave their opinions which
helped me so much!! My apartment is so awesome looking now.

5)  Those two men treated me so respectfully.  I felt like a princess.
Thank you for everything and for having people like Eddie and Mike work for
you.  You have a great company & I am thrilled from top to bottom.

Stacie Sprague


The second letter is from the Larmore family, who just completed their move from Michigan to Georgia.


To: D. Corrigan

Dan and I wanted to express our appreciation to Corrigan Moving Systems and the team for the great experience we had during our recent move.

Everything went very smoothly from the time they showed up at our location to pick up and load our belongings, to the unloading.

The team was smooth, fast, efficient and highly professional. This has been the best move experience we have ever had (we have moved at least 5 times previously using professional moving companies).

A special thanks goes to Eddie, Mike, John, Keith and the folks from Jacksonville who came up to help too. Eddie was a great leader and seemed sincere about making sure we were happy and that everything was going the way we wanted it to. They were always on time and reliable and the quality of their work was A++. Again, we have never had such a great experience in a move. There was virtually no damage and we could not have been happier with Eddie’s team. Eddie would not leave the job until we were 150% satisfied and this meant a lot to us.

And thanks also goes to LaDonna, for coordinating our move extremely efficiently, and in a cost effective manner. She made sure everything happened at the right time. LaDonna’s positive attitude set the tone for the whole experience and she should be highly commended for her efforts.

Thanks for assigning this great team to our move and for managing this move so well. We greatly appreciate it and would be happy to serve as a reference to other customers contemplating using your company’s services for moving.

Feel free to use this note to that extent.


Sincerely and Best Regards,

Ann and Dan Larmore


Thanks for sharing your moving success stories!  We are proud to have great employees like Eddie, Mike, and, LaDonna working for us.  If you did not know, Eddie Clements was recognized by United Van Lines as their 2013 Driver of the Year this past November.  It looks like he’s keeping up the great work again this New Year!

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