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Corrigan International Service Provider SLA (Service Level Agreement)


General Guidelines

Your moving crew should show professionalism in all interactions with customers. For example, please do not use first names, but address as Mr./Mrs., etc.

Please make sure your crew dresses in a professional manner, i.e. in some sort of uniform such as shirts / hats with your company name and/or logo on it.

All required personal information regarding a customer can be obtained from your Corrigan International Global Relocation Specialist.

Do not provide any invoice, cost or rate information to shippers, accounts or anyone else who may call, write or request in any manner. Notify Corrigan International immediately if this occurs.

Please get approval from Corrigan International before having your customer complete your own post-move surveys.   Some accounts prefer that their customers only complete their approved form.

We ask that criminal background checks have been completed for each crew member. This applies to both your own crews, and the crews of any subcontractors.

Written security procedures to ensure the integrity of the freight are required for all locations at your facility where cargo is stored, handled or transported. This should include who has access to these areas and how cargo coming in or out is recorded or verified as to its contents. A copy of these procedures must be available for inspection by Corrigan International.


A physical survey should always be completed, unless otherwise advised by Corrigan International.

Once notified by Corrigan International for a survey of a shipment, the shipper should be contacted as soon as possible the same business day, and never more than one day (24 hours) to arrange a survey date and time.

Corrigan International should be advised within the same 24-hour period of the date and time of the survey.

You may be provided with authorizations/allowances for each move.   As our service provider,  it is your responsibility to advise Corrigan International immediately if these authorizations or allowances are exceeded.

Please refer to any Restricted Items lists during the survey and advise shipper. If applicable, you will be provided with a list of restricted items by Corrigan International. Please advise Corrigan International if a shipper asks to include any items which may be restricted.

Do not discuss transit times, sailing information, or flight information with the shipper unless authorized by Corrigan International to do so. Please advise surveyors and operational staff. If a shipper requests this information, please advise them to speak with their Corrigan International  Global Relocation Specialist regarding these aspects of the move.

The survey should determine the following:

  • Estimated weight and cube of shipment(s) – air, sea, storage
  • Type and number of container(s) to be used
  • Special services required – Precautions on extraordinary items of exceptional value or sentimental importance
  • Crating necessary to include pieces, crating dimensions (net and gross), and cost
  • Third party service(s) needed at origin and destination
  • Tentative or confirmed pack and load date(s)
  • Provide digital photos for real or potential access issues (including, but not limited to difficult parking, long carry, stair carry, elevator, etc.)
  • Estimated cost
  • Provide digital photos of items needing special packing, crating or disassembly.
  • Provide a full survey cube worksheet via fax or e-mail to Corrigan International with all survey results.
    • Please be clear with the shipper at the time of survey, indicating whether stand-up (sea) or lay-down (air) wardrobe cartons will be used, especially on air shipments. Please educate the shipper that either option will not eliminate wrinkling of clothing.



Corrigan International needs to be advised of your expected arrival time at least 24 hours in advance.

Arrive at the home at the scheduled time. Notify Corrigan International if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late.

All schedule changes or requests should be advised to Corrigan International immediately. We should be notified of any direct communication or special requests initiated by the shipper.

It is required that a crew leader introduces him/herself and their crew and makes him/herself known and available at all times with the shipper. The packing and loading crew should stay consistent throughout the move. Please advise if this will not be possible so that we can advise the shipper. A description of your intended process and time schedule should be explained to the shipper when you arrive.

Proper floor coverings, wall protection, and railing protection should be planned for and accomplished prior to beginning packing and loading.

You will receive Origin Agent Instructions on each shipment for details related to that shipment. Please read and communicate to everyone involved with the move, especially the crews.


  • All liftvans and air containers should be new or have the appearance and structure of new liftvans and air containers. Bingo sheets should be used when loading more than one liftvan or air container in order to identify where each inventoried item is located.
  • All liftvans must be constructed of treated wood so as to meet all international wood packing material requirements, including ISPM-15 standards.

  • All liftvans and air containers should be waterproofed by lining the interior with plastic or other waterproof material attached securely to the sides of the liftvan or air container. Seams of the liftvan or air container should be properly caulked and sealed; banded; and the crates marked appropriately and clearly with stenciling or a label, according to the Origin Instruction Sheet, prior to loading.
  • Air containers should be loaded at the residence whenever possible. Liftvans should be loaded at residence if possible. Please discuss this with the Global Relocation Specialist at Corrigan International if this is not possible.
  • If the liftvan will not be going into a container, roofing or waterproof material should be placed on the roof to prevent moisture from entering. If necessary, we will advise regarding additional waterproofing.
  • In the event that liftvans are placed into a container, a bulkhead (blocking & bracing), should be built to keep crates from excessive movement.
  • Crate dimensions and actual weights are required on all liftvan and air shipments. Report gross, tare, and net weight to Corrigan International within 24 hours. If items are packed into liftvans, we MUST be provided with a bingo sheet detailing their contents and placement within the container.


You should inspect all steamship containers for holes or damage when received.

Inspection should include right and left sides, front, rear, ceiling/roof, undercarriage and the inside and outside of the doors/locking mechanism. Please contact Corrigan International immediately if there is a problem with a steamship container so that we can arrange to have another container brought to your warehouse.

A light test (standing inside of the container with the doors closed to check for light) must be conducted.

If any unusual smells are noticed in the container, please also advise Corrigan International immediately.

All steamship containers should be loaded at residence. Please advise Corrigan International following the survey if a shuttle will be necessary.

Provide photos of final load and bulkhead and empty space to the door for our records.

Contents of steamship containers must be properly blocked, braced, and bulk-headed with ISPM-15 standard treated wood.

Please report net weight, piece count, container number and seal within 48 hours of packing/loading.

A certified PAS ISO 17712 seal must be used on all containers. All seal numbers at the point of loading must be recorded and provided in writing to Corrigan International, and must be managed by a warehouse manager or other senior manager. Any change in the seal # prior to shipping must be provided to Corrigan International.

Corrigan International will arrange pickup of the shipment from your warehouse.




You will receive delivery instructions from Corrigan International prior to the delivery. Upon receipt and prior to delivery, please check the access to the home. A physical inspection may be necessary. Please advise Corrigan International prior to delivery of unusual or difficult access or the need for shuttle, parking permits, or elevator reservations. Our instruction should be read and communicated to everyone involved with the delivery, especially the crew.

Please notify Corrigan International upon receipt of the freight at your warehouse and advise available dates for delivery. Corrigan International will verify with the client and confirm the dates with you. Immediately advise Corrigan International any issues with the condition of the shipment and make notation of the seal on steamship or carrier trailers. The seal should remain intact until the container arrives at residence. If the seal must be removed at the warehouse, please advise Corrigan International so we can record this information. Please allow sufficient time for delivery to allow for complete unpacking and debris removal. We require that you follow the guidelines below, based on weight and using 3-4 employees on the crew.

Average weight that can be delivered in one day is 6,800 pounds. This average assumes a normal delivery scenario. If there is a large amount of uncrating, elevators, shuttles or other time consuming services, the delivery will require more time. Please schedule and use the appropriate number of days based on this weight.  Your rates should consider this.


The day before delivery, you should advise Corrigan International of the crew’s estimated arrival time. Do not contact the client directly. Call Corrigan International if you have any questions or situations that need clarification or approval. Paperwork for the crew should be prepared so any special requirements can be relayed to the crew leader. Review if any special tools are needed for uncrating or assembly.


Contact Corrigan International if the crew will be more than 15 minutes late.

Upon arrival at the residence, the crew leader should introduce the crew. It is important that you clearly identify yourself as “Corrigan International’s Third Party service provider for delivery services” at the beginning of the conversation. It should be clear to them that you are representing Corrigan International. Note that the crew should stay consistent throughout the delivery process. The crew leader should give a description of the intended process and time schedule. The crew leader should also perform a walk-through with the customer to view all rooms and determine the best access. Crew leader should note any special conditions or any pre-existing damages to walls/floors on the Residence Form provided in Corrigan International’s delivery instruction paperwork.

Prepare the home for delivery: Cover carpets, wood flooring, and other floor surfaces with protective covering as needed. Cover and protect banisters, railings, and wall corners. You are financially responsible for any property damage in or outside the home.

If mold/mildew is apparent, please notify the Corrigan International Relocation Specialist immediately and prior to taking the items into the home or garage. In addition, if water or wet boxes are identified in the container, notify the Corrigan International Relocation Specialist.

In the event mold/mildew or water/wet boxes are identified, after emptying the container please inspect it for holes or issues with the floor.

It is the responsibility of the crew to CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY check off each and every inventoried item as it is taken into the home. If the shipper would like to check items off too, you can give them a copy of the packing inventory. Inventory numbers and stickers might be on the item or on the packing material. In some cases the inventory sticker might be on the item with the inventory number also written on the packing material.   Please be thorough when checking for the numbers so that no item is missed or forgotten.

If the crew feels that the quality of the packing or loading is not of normal quality standards, they should not say anything to the shipper. In these cases, please contact Corrigan International immediately. It would be desirable to have the issues documented with photos. Crew may note any specific comments on the paperwork after the shipper has signed.

Take special note to look for a “Parts Box” which may be included in the shipment. It should contain all hardware to reassemble items. Use care when unpacking or unwrapping items to ensure that small parts, screws, etc. are not in the packing materials. We may be required to replace an entire item if small parts are missing.

Beds should be assembled on day one of delivery. Beds, mirrors or dressers, etc. should be assembled as necessary. If the crew feels unqualified to assemble specific pieces of furniture, please contact our office immediately for arrangement/approval for a specialist.

Remove packing on all furniture using caution with utility knives to prevent damage to the items. Place furniture in rooms as specified by the shipper. It would be preferable to have the shipper present to assure proper placement.

You are required to unpack all cartons at the time of delivery. Do not discourage unpacking. We believe that missing items are often still packed in cartons that have been left unpacked. Do not “dump” cartons, items should be placed neatly on the nearest flat surface. If the shipper chooses to unpack any cartons, the crew should note this in writing on the packing inventory which that shipper will sign.

If the shipper included any new flat-pack furniture (such as Ikea) in the shipment and asks to have it assembled, please advise Corrigan International.   Remove all wrapping material and empty cartons from the home. You may be required to return to collect any remaining debris.

Do a final walk-through with the shipper before leaving the residence. Please check the home for any inventoried items that are not checked off of the packing inventory. Note any residence damage on Corrigan International’s Residence Form, and also notify the Corrigan International Global Relocation Specialist immediately. Please be sure to obtain the shipper’s signature.


You must obtain a signature from the shipper and crew leader on all of the packing inventory pages following the delivery noting that all items were delivered and received or noting which items might be missing or damaged. The crew leader should make it clear what the shipper is signing. This signed form must be returned to Corrigan International immediately following delivery.

Please notify us immediately when containers are available for pick up. Containers should be cleared of packing debris and ready for pick up the day after delivery. Any unnecessary delay will incur container rental charges which will be invoiced to you.

If all debris is not removed from the home on day of delivery, please make one return trip to dispose of it for the shipper.



All storage should be packed and wrapped as if for international transport using new materials.

Storage vaults (like liftvans) should be loaded at residence whenever possible and bingo sheets or the equivalent should be provided.

PBO’s (boxes packed by owner) are NOT acceptable. PBO’s located in the basements, attics, garages, and/or self storage units should be unpacked, inspected, and re-packed using new cartons in all cases. The contents should be listed on the inventory—do not write PBO.

Storage should be in a safe, secure facility, under climate control, ensuring no harsh changes in temperature. Air conditioned storage should not be recommended to the shipper without prior approval from Corrigan International. Air conditioned storage needs prior account approval.

You are required to list all exceptions (pre-existing damages) on the packing inventory so that we are aware of any damage that was present prior to your wrapping and packing the item.

It is suggested that your crew leader walk through the house with the relocating shipper and any spouse/partner and make them aware of all damage you are listing as pre-existing on the packing inventory.

Please be as descriptive as possible and also include the location of the damage on the item.

Note the condition of any upholstered items on the inventory to include tears, fraying, worn, soiled etc.  Corrigan International reserves the right to hold you responsible should exceptions not be listed.

Storage insurance will be controlled and written by Corrigan International or the account. You need only to protect yourself for legal liability.

Corrigan International must be provided with a revised packing inventory and weight tickets if there is any type of access either adding or removing goods.

To efficiently process your storage invoice for payment, we require that the following documents accompany your original invoice:

  • Your bill of Lading
  • Detailed Packing inventory
  • Certified Weight Tickets
  • Rate Quote

Billing is to be done on a quarterly basis per calendar year as follows:

January 1- March 31

April 1 – June 30

July 1 – September 30

October 1 – December 31

Shipments are NOT to be delivered, released, or accessed without prior notification and authorization from Corrigan International.


Please notify the Global Relocation Specialist at Corrigan International if damages to the shipment are noted, and exceptions must be taken at time of delivery.

Property/Residence Damage:

All property damage should be reported to Corrigan International immediately.

Notify Corrigan International if other contactors are in the home at the time of packing.

It is your responsibility to arrange for repair of property damage, follow through to completion, and advise Corrigan International of completion or any delays.

Pre-existing property damage should be documented and brought to the attention of the shipper. It is suggested that you do a walk-through upon arrival.

We recommend that you have the shipper sign a Property Damage Form stating if there was any property damage or not, and if so, the extent of it. This form is available in Corrigan International’s “Origin Instructions” document.

When requested by Corrigan International, assistance should be provided to locate a local repair firm.