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Dearborn, Michigan

The original home of Corrigan Moving Systems, Dearborn is a wonderful city full of hard-working people and businesses. Founded in 1929 in Dearborn Michigan by Frank Corrigan, our family-owned company has close ties to this community where our employees have lived in for decades. Unlike other Dearborn moving companies, Corrigan has more than 85 years of experience handling a wide variety of moves for area residents and businesses. We take pride in being the premier Dearborn moving company that people can call upon for their relocation needs. Contact us today to schedule an in-home survey and find out what Corrigan can do to provide you with a seamless transition into your new home or office.

Dearborn, MI Local Moving Services

Corrigan Moving Systems provides Local household moves in and around Dearborn MI. For the complete full moving services or help with the heavy lifting, Corrigan Moving Systems provides the same caring and friendly service.

Dearborn, MI Long Distance Moving Services

Moving long distance or out of Michigan? Corrigan’s long distance move service will take care of you every step of the way. We are a United Van Lines Agent, so we are part of the strongest national network of long-distance mover agents. Our professional move coordinator will be with you starting with your free quote to unpacking the last box. Count on us for all your long distance move needs.

Our Dearborn movers are different than the movers you will find at other companies.  Every member of our team is dedicated to providing each customer with the best moving experience possible—from the initial contact with the mover all the way through the moving process until the last box of dishes is unpacked.  If you need packing or moving assistance in the Dearborn, Detroit, Northville, or Livonia area, please contact us for a free quote.  We are more than happy to help in any way we can.

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What Customers are Saying?
"We had an intra state move which is all done by weight. The estimate done by Chuck was off by about 5000 lbs, nearly double. I understand being a little off but this amount is ridiculous. I had been warning the moving coordinator, Bernice, that we had additional boxes and a few furniture items and sent photos the week of our move. Regardless our moving crew on the day of had to go back and get a larger truck so they started loading two hours later than expected. Then I could hear them muttering about how much stuff we had like we were putting them out or something, even though they literally get paid more since it's by the pound. Not professional. They made us feel snooty like we had too many clothes and our kids had too many toys. It's none of their business, do the job I paid for without your commentary. They called in two extra guys to assist and both reeked of smoke and left a smoke smell in our old house. It probably aired out but I had handed over keys so I don't know how long it took. We left fans on as we left. They weren't careful with our stuff. I have a lot of broken glasses but because we packed them ourselves it's somehow our fault for improper packing, even though I witnessed the guys tossing boxes to each other. Other furniture items damaged, and they didn't reassemble our beds correctly. If you don't have instructions maybe you should take photos or something instead of winging it. I had to reassemble two beds myself the right way and still have to pay the assemble/unboxing fee for the beds. The estimator showed us a folder with all these wonderfully professional photos of padded door jambs and wrapped furniture and protected floors. The actual job didn't live up to the photos. No door jambs wrapped, our furniture was wrapped in pads but they were filthy and I had to dust everything after since black dust was on everything. The floor coverings kept floors from getting scratched but not from dirt as they didn't put enough down so day of move I had to re-vacuum my entire previous house before handing over keys. There are also black smudges on all my walls from the movers gloves as they were dirty or something. The whole reason we went with Corrigan over others was the perception they gave us of how well our house would be protected, but it felt like a bait and switch. I had had a poor in town moving experience before so I asked the estimator if the crews were permanent employees or sub contractors. He told us that they were permanent employees of Corrigan with benefits and profit sharing and thus extremely professional and invested in the success of the move. The crew wore Corrigan labeled apparel but they told me themselves they were some other company, which one of the guys owned, and they do jobs under their own name, as well as Corrigan and Mayflower. Definitely sub contractors. Maybe some are wonderful, but my experience has been sub contractors with almost any job don't care as much about your experience since it's not their reputation on the line. In summary, if you are doing a long distance move it's all by weight and priced the same no matter the company you pick. Thus there is no reason to use Corrigan as their services are sub-par and price is not a factor in any decision making. We thought using the largest company would be the way to go, but we weren't happy with out experience. Look elsewhere."
Mark S
"Not a great experience. Was quoted by their estimator about $1000 less than the final bill. Many items damaged and scratched during the move. See pics. I do not recommend this company."
Al B
"Good place for service and storage"
Lamar Mclin
"That's my job and I love. if u need your stuff packed up and shipped away Corrigan the place to call"
king_hit_ him_up
"Good guys"
Warren Harden