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Buffalo, New York

Phone: 716.897.0700
General Manager: George Griesbaum

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


1845 Dale Road
Buffalo, NY 14225

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Located in Buffalo, NY – Corrigan Moving Systems offers a full range of professional moving and storage services for families and businesses in Buffalo and the surrounding Western New York communities.

For almost 90 years, the family behind Corrigan Moving Systems has helped other families and businesses make their big moves with ease and efficiency. Corrigan is one of the top 10 United Van Lines agents in the United States, with 12 locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and New York.

Corrigan Moving Systems can move anything from a one-bedroom apartment to a multi-story corporate office. We can serve basically any city or small town in the continental United States or internationally through Corrigan International.

Our familiarity with the Buffalo area not only improves our service but also enhances the overall logistics of your residential or commercial move.  We serve the moving needs of the Greater Buffalo / Niagara Falls Area including:

We are committed to making your life easier by providing a wide range of professional services that are unsurpassed in the industry.  Corrigan’s 600-person Corrigan team is committed to delivering exceptional service and assistance as you plan and execute your move.

From our very first meeting, your move will receive custom attention and support from our staff of experience moving professional. We will assign you a qualified Move Coordinator who will work with you to create a custom plan that fits for your schedule and budget.

Corrigan’s residential and commercial offerings include:

Buffalo, NY Local Moving Services

Corrigan Moving Systems provides Local residential movers in Buffalo, NY a full line of move service options. If you just need help with the heavy lifting or you want a full-service local moving company, we provide Buffalo residents with competitive rates and exceptional service for their household moves.

Buffalo, NY Long Distance Moving Services

Moving long distance or out of Buffalo, NY? We are a United Van Lines Agent, which makes us part of a national network of professional long-distance moving agents with service from coast to coast. You will have a professional long distance move coordinator to plan your move, coordinate all the steps, and keep you informed along of the way, ready to answer any question about your move.



I.C.C No. MC-67234, U.S. DOT No. 1767918 NY

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What Customers are Saying?
"As a former military member we've previously been through six major moves and none have been any better than this one. Nicole did an exceptional job coordinating the move and could not have done anything better to keep us informed. Michael did the estimate and was courteous, professional, and extremely efficient. The packers and movers on both ends of the move were outstanding. A move could not possibly go any smoother than this one."
Bill Reinhold
"I used this company for a local move in Buffalo, Ny. They moved my home and my home business. On a Monday , the movers showed up late. They were definitely aware that the move was large. They brought a truck loaded with boxes and moving supplies some of the boxes were broken down others were set up. They said they didn't have the chance to unload since Friday. I dont understand that as they had the weekend and that morning ( Late) Every bit of that truck was filled. This was a 3 man move and 1 fellow was extra and I was not charged for this movers. The move took way way too long. The movers took 10 hours of which 1hr was lunch. There was no appliances, No kitchen furniture only 1 bedroom , bamboo den couch and 2 chairs. No landscape items just lots of boxes. This move should have been done between 6 - 8 hours. After the move, I contacted the " manager" and told him I had items missing. He was nasty and condensing trying to intimidate me in not filing a report. At that time it was a case of packaging tape which I use for my business. I also told him that there was 1 large garment/close box filled with merchandise missing. I could not give him at that time exact items. Im POSITIVE the movers took that box and mixed it into the boxes they brought with them. As much of my merchandise it already bagged to shipping, it has taken awhile to find exactly what is missing. Some was brand new inventory and others vintage merchandise. purses( the image of the leopard dress is the matching fabric for 4 brand new purses missing) , shoes, suits, dresses, mens shirts, suits and pants, new costume items. Many items are 1 of a kind vintage items. I wish I could upload the photos. Thousand of dollars or inventory was stolen. Ill go to fill an online order and after going through all stock which takes a couple of days... I find it missing. After the move no mover be it the father son team of the two other guys brought anything back to me. There was a great deal stolen imagine how much folded in bags merchandise it would take to fill a garment/storage box. I do not at all recommend using this company. . If there were 0 stars I would select that. THIEVES. I saw today a message that I could call and speak with the manager and that would be the same manager I've spoken with many times that belittle me and makes it " sound" as I do not matter and that my stolen items must be something else. The company in no way could have done this. Well, they did. If they read my review they would have read that I moved a business and I have thousands of products which were already packaged. I have no way of knowing something is missing until a person orders it and it can not be located and certain categories went into that 1 box. In my business, I can sit on stock for years because everything is one o f a kind and waiting for the one person who wants and has the measurements for that one item. Even in their post you can see who they try to put the blame on me , like Im crazy... Why wait 2 years? I didn't your manager Greg refused to acknowledge my loses saying no way could his movers do this. Thieves."
Buffalo Gal Vintage
"Fast, prompt service and they're also accommodating if you need to access your product while it's at their facility. They let me come into their warehouse and spend hours modifying my storage crates. Couldn't have been more helpful while I was there."
Adam Butler
"The BEST moving co. In Buffalo nay the entire country."
Scott Wilson
"Great and done right."
Eddie Shelton