May 12, 2022

The Importance of an In-Home Survey for Choosing a Mover

Each residential move is as unique as the people who are moving. While some elements of the moving process are always the same, there are enough unique elements to every move to make receiving an in-home estimate essential. The true value of the in home survey is as much about developing a unique move plan for your move as it is about seeing your belongings and coming up with a price quote.

What someone may consider normal or easy is often much more involved then they may realize. Even on small moves, the in-home survey is so much more than just receiving a price quote and an inventory of the items being moved. The inventory may in fact be the simplest part of the moving process. During the survey, the move estimator is also working with you to create a unique moving plan that will account for any challenges. Truck access, crew size, equipment and material needs, and other special requirements are all noted during the in-home estimate. The overall success of the move is largely determined by the information gathered at the time of the survey.

While it may seem easier to simply e-mail a list of the items you are moving to your mover, or to participate in a phone survey, these methods of receiving a price quote do not allow your mover to accurately prepare for the unique elements of your move. They will oftentimes fail to incorporate services you may need, which will cause issues for the moving crew come the day of the move, and added headaches for you. Taking the time to go through an in-home survey with your mover is the easiest way to eliminate moving problems further down the road.

Some moving companies you may talk to will actually insist on doing a phone survey over an in-home survey. If the company you are speaking with is insisting upon this, then it is important that you do some additional research on the company you are talking with, as many of the dangerous rogue movers do not offer in-home surveys. Make sure that your mover has a physical location near your home; if they do not, you may just be dealing with a move broker. Also, make sure you check the reviews of the company you are dealing with, to ensure they are a reputable company who will not try and hold your goods hostage until a higher amount than agreed upon is paid. Receiving an in-home survey shows that your mover is committed to doing the job right and is why we insist on doing them in order to personally demonstrate and explain the estimated cost via the most accurate moving quote possible. The reality is until an in-home survey is done, moving companies cannot claim to know exactly what tasks, staffing and supplies will be necessary for the move. This can also explain why an initial ball-park estimate based upon the general job can differ from the price provided during an in-home survey.

When you receive your in-home survey, be sure to show the moving representative everything you are planning on moving, including closets, storage sheds, and off-site mini-storage units. This will allow your mover to correctly account for everything you are planning on moving. These move inventories are critical to the operations department so they can be sure to make send out enough movers and allot enough space on the truck. Things may change after the original in-home estimate, but that’s not anything to worry about. Estimates can be revised at any point, and re-estimates are common. If you are just adding or removing a few items, simply calling your move coordinator is enough to revise your estimate. If there have been major changes to the items you are planning on moving, your moving representative will be happy to come back out to re-survey your home. The key to a successful move is communication, so be sure to keep your mover informed.

There are many factors involved in the overall success of a move but the first step towards a successful relocation is always the in-home survey. Make sure you start your move with an in-home survey, and the rest of the move should take care of itself.

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