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Packing Tips for Couples Moving In Together

So you’ve decided to take the next step and move in together? Congratulations! Whether you’re moving into where one of you already lives or you’ve decided to find a new place altogether, proper packing and labeling can help prevent items from “disappearing” during the move and avoid unneeded stress. Moving in together is supposed to be an exciting occasion, not a stressful one; avoid unnecessary frustrations and arguments by following these packing tips:

Before the move takes place, it’s important to take an inventory of both residences to identify any duplicate household items that both of you own. Since you can share items like toasters, blenders and lamps, you should consider selling or donating any repeat items. Selling spares will help you avoid clutter and make some extra cash in the process.

Be sure to consider your partner’s feelings as they may have favorite personal possessions they can’t part with. Start a conversation with your partner about whose items to keep and be open to the idea of making compromises when necessary. The end result will be new space that represents each person’s unique personality.

After you and your partner have decided what you are moving, the next step is packing up your belongings. Carefully labeling the type of items contained in each box will help prevent headaches later on when you start unpacking. Good things to label on each box include the room the items came from, which home they came from, as well as a short description of the contents inside the box. Too much detail might lead to information being missed when someone is tired of carefully reading each box, and too little detail can lead to confusion.

Everyone has items and daily necessities that will need to be accessible immediately upon arriving at their new home, so it’s important to create one or two “priority boxes.” Examples of priority box items include pet food, toiletries and power cords for cell phones and laptops. These essentials can easily be set aside and loaded last, so they are the first box off the truck and are not lost in the confusion of moving.

While it would be nice to have a complete moving survival list of every possible scenario for couples moving in together, the truth is that needs will vary in each situation. Taking the time to follow these packing tips will help smooth out some of the potential complications and make the transition of living with someone at least a little bit easier.

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