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How to Decide What to Declutter When You Move

Packing for a move can be stressful, mainly if you haven’t organized your belongings ahead of time.

The average American home contains more than 300,000 items. This is a pretty staggering number.

Do you need to take all of those items with you or are some just unnecessary and taking up valuable space? Here are some tips to help you determine what to pack for the move and what to eliminate.

Plan the New Space

Before you pack for your move to your new home, plan how you want that new space organized. Maybe you want one room designated as an office or another to be a dedicated playroom. Create a mental map of the new space, or better yet sketch it out on a piece of paper.

This process encourages you to determine what items are necessary for certain areas of your new home, and which ones will just take up space.

Assess Used Items

Sometimes we keep things longer than we should – past their stage of usefulness. Take a close look at your belongings. Determine if they are gently-used or are extremely worn out. Ask yourself:

  • When will I  use this again?
  • How damaged will it get during the moving process?

Items such as books and posters can get bent, wrinkled,  and damaged in a move. Evaluate how they will arrive at your new home and if you will likely to use them there.

Look at the stuffed animals and toys you have throughout your home. If they’re significant childhood items, then keep them. However, if you know they won’t be used again at your new home perhaps now is a good time to donate them.

Clean Out the Closets

Consider which clothes and shoes have only been worn once and will probably not be worn again. For instance, take a look at that prom dress and the shoes that were a half size off when you purchased them to wear with that prom dress. Things like these are best donated or sold.

Do you have more than your fair share of t-shirts from teams or schools? It’s likely you don’t need ten shirts highlighting the same school mascot. Determine your favorite for each and donate the remainder.

Review Your Electronics

Have you accumulated some unnecessary electronic equipment over the years? Before you move is the perfect time to declutter and eliminate that old computer screen or broken mouse. How about old cell phones and electronic cords? Find places to recycle these items. You want to start fresh in your new home so donate these items and let others put them to use.

Be Realistic Before Packing

Be practical about the things you own. Sometimes these items can be of better use to someone else when donated or given away. Challenge yourself to answer these questions when you go through each belonging::

  1. Do you love it?
  2. Do you recall the last time you used it?
  3. Did you even remember it until you just saw it?

Your answers will show you how important the item is in your daily life.

Additional Moving Help

For more tips on how to make moving easier check out our blog. Contact us directly for more information on how we can get you to your new home.


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