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Helping Your Child Adjust During a Move

Helping your Child Adjust During a Move

Moving to a new home is stressful for an adult, but for children, a move can upset their sense of stability even more so. While you’re leaving behind things you know, you have a better understanding of what to expect when you move than your children do.

Here are some tips for helping your child get acclimated to their new home:

1. Take Time to Prepare Your Child

Books are a great way to open a dialogue with your children and allow them to share their thoughts and fears about your upcoming move. These books can begin the conversation with your child:

2. Visit the New Home

If you’re able to, take your child to their new environment before you move. Drive them through the new neighborhood, show them their new home and their new school. Walk around the community and point out simple things. Ask your child questions about what they notice, and listen to them carefully.

If you are unable to visit your new home in person, then use the internet to take a peek at their new neighborhood. Community websites and Google Maps can help your child explore their new community virtually.

3. Make a Memory Book

Create a scrapbook with pictures and memorabilia of their old home so they can remember happy moments. Include photos of their old house and any special nooks and crannies in the home as well as other significant places in the neighborhood. Be sure also to incorporate special pictures of family and friends.

4. Say Goodbye

Don’t forget to have a proper goodbye. Host a goodbye party with friends, neighbors, and teachers. Ask the attendees to bring a unique memento of their friendship or a photo for their memory book.

5. Act it Out

Act out the move using your child’s toys and stuffed animals. Build a model of your neighborhood and home and act out your new life in it.

6. Get Acquainted With the New Surroundings

Visit fun and exciting places in your new neighborhood – parks, museums, etc. Let your child spend some time playing on playgrounds. Attend a local children’s concert in the park. Have a family picnic in a nearby park.

7. Keep Your Child Involved

Have your child help set up their new bedroom and play space. Allow them to have some say in where to put things and how the rooms are arranged.

8. Retain your Child’s Old Furniture

Even if you might want new furniture for your child’s room, waiting a month or two will help your child make the transition easier. Your child will feel comforted by the feeling of home.

9. Maintain Your Routines

Children desire stability and predictability, so keeping prior schedules will help them adjust to their new environment more quickly. Keep your family routines of dinnertime, bedtime, games time consistent with what they were before the move.

10. Give Lots of Hugs

Emotional support is essential for your child to adapt to their new home and make the transition to a new life. Spend additional time with them so that they know that even though their situation has changed, your love for them hasn’t.

Positive Experience

No move is stress-free, and the pressure will likely appear in how your children behave. But by keeping these simple steps in mind, your child will quickly adapt to their new life and surroundings, making the move a positive, enriching experience for the entire family.

Let Corrigan Moving Systems help make your move experience a positive one. Contact us for a quote today.

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