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6 Questions to Ask Potential Moving Companies

Whether this is your first, second, or tenth move, finding the right moving company to do the job is a critical step in ensuring a correct and hassle-free move. Before you hire any mover, make sure you ask them these six questions:

1. Are you bonded and insured against breakage and damage?  

No matter how careful the movers may be, there is always a chance of accidental damage. Hiring a moving company that’s bonded and insured against breakage and damage gives you the peace of mind that if something occurs during the move, it can be repaired without your having to foot the bill.

Check with your state’s Department of Transportation about your rights and responsibilities and those of your mover. Some jurisdictions require movers to supply customers with a disclosure before the move but make sure you read and understand all of the documents before signing them.

2. How do you charge – by the move, by the hour, or by the distance?

While it may be tempting to hire a flat-rate moving company that promises to move everything in a given time frame, no move is without unexpected problems. Make sure you understand precisely how the mover will charge, how much time they allow for the move, and how excess time or distance is to be billed. For a long-distance move, make sure you understand how mileage is charged. Make sure there are no hidden fees.

3. How many people will you send to move?

Having an adequate number of movers to move your items is essential. Without proper manpower, some things are just too heavy or too bulky to be lifted and moved correctly. To further complicate the situation, if your moving company has promised to do the job in a fixed amount of time and fails to send adequate people to do the job, you may end up paying for extra time. Worse yet, without the correct number of people to do the job, the movers may rush, leading to damage to property and goods.

4. How long will it take?

While estimates from movers can vary widely depending on the job, a reliable mover should be able to give you a reasonably accurate assessment of how long a move will take before they arrive to do the job. It’s better to allow enough time to move your furniture and goods correctly rather than trying to move as quickly as possible, so consider any time estimate as a ‘best guess’ rather than set in stone.

5. What WON’T you move?

Not all movers will move all items. Most moving companies will not move pool tables or pianos, for example, or will refer you to specialty movers for these items. Don’t wait until moving day for your movers to show up and tell you that they can’t (or won’t) move an item. Understand very clearly from the outset what they won’t move, and make arrangements with specialty moving companies to move those items.

Also, movers have lists of other items they will not move such as hazardous materials (batteries, aerosol cans, paint thinners, etc.), perishable items, plants, or valuables.

6. Will you send an estimator before the move?

Reputable moving companies have professionals who assess your home, note its contents, and calculate the approximate time and cost of your move. If your moving company has a ‘show up and move’ policy without seeing your home before the move, you should find another moving company.

While most moves fall within a set of predictable guidelines, your location, the location of your new home, and the number and nature of your items will significantly influence how complicated and expensive your move will be. An experienced estimator will help a great deal.

Moving Help

At Corrigan Moving Systems we can answer these questions and help you with your move. Contact us for a free quote.

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