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Why Corrigan is the Best Professional Mover in Michigan

At Corrigan, we like to speak about the quality and craftsmanship our team brings to every move. This is because we not only want to assure potential customers that we bring our best to every move, but also because we want people to know about the standards we hold ourselves to. When you are looking to hire a professional mover in Michigan, look for stories from real customers that highlight the company going the extra mile to get the job done. By doing so, you’ll discover which companies are focused on customer satisfaction and which companies are just looking to make a buck.  Here at Corrigan we are proud of the work we do, and proud to have been able to assist so many people with their moving needs over the years.

When one of our customers began to look for a professional mover in Michigan for his family’s transition from the Midwest to Nevada, he found our wonderful reviews on Unlike another professional mover in Michigan that the customer researched, our team came out to meet with his family and went room-to-room analyzing the items being moved and explaining the move process, all at a cost of $2,000 less than the competitor. When not a single item was broken in transit and our team was able to provide a seamless move, the customer felt moved to send a letter praising our company and staff for treating his family “like family.”

Households aren’t the only difficult relocation for people; moving your business is an especially difficult challenge. However, according to the Human Resources Specialist of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Corrigan was up to that challenge and then some. After helping to explain and plan for the unique details of their move, Corrigan worked closely with the Council to deliver out boxes early and also came out and gave individual packing demonstrations and presentations for their team. All of these efforts were met with one of the best things a company can hear, that the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments “would not hesitate to recommend or use” our services in the future.

We love hearing from our happy customers, but the true mark of a happy customer is a repeat customer.  Using our company again is exactly the vote of confidence one customer who wrote to us provided, some 15 years after we helped the first time! From the home visit to the “friendly, efficient and fantastic” assistance provided on moving day (in January!), our Corrigan team in Ann Arbor made an impression. Being able to reinforce ourselves as the quality company the customer “knew [us] to be” is an amazing feeling because it proves that we are doing our job as a moving company.

As each of these testimonials prove, Corrigan has set the standard for professional moving companies through quality and high standards for customer satisfaction. If you are in need of assistance with your home, office or unique relocation, take a second to reach out to one of our team members, who would be happy to walk you through the moving process. After seeing the difference between our company and our competitors, we know you will be as happy with your upcoming move as these customers have been. If you are in need of a professional mover in Michigan, New York, Ohio or Illinois, contact us today.

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