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Corrigan Driver Bios

To find your driver press CTRL+F on your keyboard. A search box will appear. Type in the information you’d like to search by (first name, last name, driver number). That information will be highlighted on the page and you can quickly locate your driver.



120-15 Skeens, Jimmy

120-17 Russell, Harvey

120-32 Card, Curtis

120-36 Gauer, Scott

120-94 Fletcher, Willie

120-96 Chukayne, Robert

211-01 Powell, Jarvis

211-04 Price, Gerald

211-20 Hansen, Nicholas

240-33 Cheney, Mark

511-03 Clements, Ed

511-05 Johns Griggs, Anthony

511-11 Montes, Salvador

511-22  Davis, Michael

511-27 Jones, Kevin

511-3K Cherenfant, Emmanuel

511-46 Erickson, John 

511-56 Marsh, Russ

511-69  Zane, Al

511-71 Nelson, Jonathan

540-03 Goodman, Mark

540-15 Wicks, Matthew

540-26 Ludolph, Allan

540-33 Podolski, Alex

611-97 Yerkes, Eric

620-22 Cancelliere, Domenic

620-50 Herrera, Ricardo (Rico)

640-32 Weatherly, Thomas

740-03 Onderdonk, Doug

740-07 Zavislak, Mike

740-23 Dutton, Todd

740-99 Giambra, Russ

840-08 Weimer, Mark

840-2M Clark, Joe

840-46 Carter, Todd

840-49 Judd, Don

840-92 Campbell, Samuel

911-72 Wickman, Dennis

940-01 Dubar, Elex

940-99 Lipsey, James


MAYFLOWER – these are Corrigan Branded, so they shouldn’t be sent to customers. We’re working on a different distribution strategy that will work for Premier drivers.

M17067 Beck, Joel

M22971 Arnet, Rob

M24559 Bowen, Chris

M24649 Lyons, Andre

M25401 Harden, Warren

M25485 Huzinger, Mark

M25497 Lemere, Michael

M25563 Eggleston Jr., Chris




240-01 LaPratt, Clifford

240-75 Nowyorkas, John 

511-02 Beckman, Fredrick

511-13 Downs, James

511-44 Paez, Oscar

511-93 Carney, Robert

740-33 Penniman, Matthew

740-78 Gurganious, Walter (Chuck)

840-99 Smith, Michael

940-14 Szczepaniuk, Steve

940-49 Cusick, Kyle

940-57 Nelson, Jason