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The Difference Between Selling and Servicing a Move

Choosing the right moving company is always a difficult task.  You can open up the phone book or do a Google search, and you will quickly discover dozens of movers willing to take on your move.  At a quick glance they all look about the same too.  So how do you sort through all the moving companies and select the best one for you?  One major thing you will want to verify is that the mover you select is going to be the company who services your move.  Some companies do not service their own moves but just sell the move and then contract your business out to someone else.   Read more.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Move?

If you have the luxury of choosing when to move, you may be interested to learn that the cost of moving does vary throughout the year. If you have flexibility regarding the date of your move you can save some money by following these helpful guidelines. There are two main factors regarding the timing of your move that can affect the cost of your move: the season, and the day of the week. While the season may seem like common sense to some, most do not realize you can save money simply based on the day of the week you move.   Read more.

Rob Galardi

Written by Rob Galardi

Rob serves Corrigan Moving Systems as Director of Residential Sales.

Corrigan Discusses Helpful Moving Tips with WGN Radio

As the summer moving season draws closer, we were excited to have our Household Goods Division Manager, Beth Corrigan, speak to WGN radio in Chicago. She touched on moving season, helpful moving tips and practices, along with insurance coverage and how to make sure you choose the right moving company.
  Read more.

United Releases Annual Migration Report for 2012

If you could pack up your things and move to any state in the U.S., where would you go? Would you head toward family, warm weather, better jobs or something else? If you’re like most people, according to a recent study, you probably prefer a state with weather that is as nice as the job outlook.   Read more.