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May 25, 2022

Saving Money - When to Move

Often you don’t have control over when your move needs to happen. Between jobs and family commitments, the reasons for your move often dictate the timing of your move. If you do happen to have control over when your move takes place, you can save some money in the process. Let’s talk about how the timing of your move can impact the cost.

There are two main factors related to when you move that can affect the cost: the season and the day of the week.


Avoid the summer. If at all possible, don’t move in the summer months. Of the moves that happen in a year 70% of them happen between May and September. When demand is especially high, the price of moving goes up, too. The moving industry calls the summer “peak season” and pricing is generally highest Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you have the flexibility to avoid moving during these months, the overall cost of the move will be less as a result.

Day of the Week

While the season that you move has the largest impact on pricing, the day of your move can also affect cost. For long distance moves, the pricing changes based on the day you select for loading. Since more people want to move on certain days, those days are more expensive. Ask your move consultant for specific pricing changes, but generally it’s more affordable to move on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday compared to a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Also, moves the last week of the month are more expensive than earlier in the month, since many people’s leases expire at the end of a month. Movers are able to smooth out the demand by pricing moves this way. Having the flexibility to select the day of the week or month that you load can help keep the costs lower for you, too.

Here are some other tips for saving you money during your move:

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At the end of the day, when you choose to move is completely up to you. Regardless of the day or season, if you’ve picked a quality mover there are simply no bad days to move. It is good to be informed though, so if you do have some flexibility on your moving date you can save yourself a little extra money.

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