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Most Overlooked/Unexpected Realities of a Residential Move

Moving is always a major life event, and it can be an overwhelming process that can catch even the most organized people by surprise. Each move may have some unexpected surprises throughout the process. Whether it’s misplacing your laptop power cord or losing track of the keys to your new place, a few minor hiccups have a tendency to sneak into every move. However, it is important to watch out for some of the more disruptive moving kinks. That said, one of the most commonly overlooked elements of a residential move is the price itself.

Looking back at decades of moves, a lack of understanding of the moving estimate is perhaps the most commonly misunderstood element of the moving process. While it seems easy to simply focus on the proposed dollar figure when choosing a mover, there are a lot of variables that impact a seemingly simple bottom line estimate. Variances in weight, packing and valuation, among others, all have an influence on the estimated costs.  The cheaper estimate may not always result in a less costly move. It is important to dig deep into the moving estimates to come up with a clear understanding of where the differences in their estimates are coming from.

If you are moving, it is important for you to educate yourself on the moving estimates you are receiving. Ask each mover exactly what is included in their moving estimates, and make sure you know what items are variable and may change come move day. By digging a bit deeper into your moving estimates you may learn that each mover’s estimates are not quoting the same services. While price is always an important consideration, make sure you feel comfortable with the company you are choosing and their ability to deliver on all of their promises. Occasionally a mover will present a low-ball moving estimate, where they purposely underestimate your move in order to give the ‘lowest’ cost moving estimate. Because the final cost of most moves is based on the actual services performed, a low-ball estimate may not end up being the cheapest once everything is said and done.

It is important to note that the vast majority of our potential customers have little moving experience. What they hear about our business is often not positive, so it is natural for them to lump us all in together and assume we are all “the same”. From the first phone call to the final delivery, every employee at Corrigan has the ability to leave a long-lasting positive impression on our customers and show how different we are from some of the other movers in the industry. As Corrigan employees, we strive to provide what we call “Corrigan Quality” on every move. Being on the Corrigan team comes with a sense of pride, and each position is filled with people wanting to provide the highest quality possible to customers during these life milestones.

When each of us does our part to the fullest the only “unexpected surprise” that our customers may have is how easy the move actually was.

Photo Credit

Written by Rob Galardi

Rob serves Corrigan Moving Systems as Director of Residential Sales.

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