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Positioning Your TV for the Optimal Game Experience

Whether you moved your TV from your previous home or bought it in celebration of your new place, finding the perfect location for your big screen is essential. And, if you’re hosting a party, your TV’s location will be essential to creating the perfect home viewing experience. When given the prestigious duty of throwing a spectacular big game viewing party, be sure to keep the following TV tips in mind.

Height is Everything. Make sure that your television is not only at a comfortable viewing height, but also that fixtures and/or decorations do not obstruct it. A TV that is placed too high or obstructed by other items can limit your guests’ viewing experience and make for a strained neck. A television too low could easily be knocked over by an overly excited fan. Be sure to check the view from several different angles of the room as well, as not everyone will be able to view the TV from straight on.

Clear the Area. Just as important as making sure the TV is placed at a proper height, is maintaining a buffer area around it. Place the furniture a comfortable distance away from the TV to avoid eyestrain. This also ensures that nothing will break the TV and prevents a family friend from accidently knocking it over after a Hail Mary pass results in a touchdown.

Safety First. While Sunday’s game is an exciting event, preventing calamity in your new residence should be your first priority. This is not limited to damage to your home, but also to the TV itself. Some televisions do not react well to heat sources like fireplaces, no matter how good they look next to or above them. Similarly, tapping too heavily into one electric outlet for all of your surround sound needs might cause a wiring concern. Make sure that the area chosen for your viewing pleasure is foundationally sound and free of a variety of disaster causing elements.

One of the most time-honored traditions of moving is the house warming party. With Sunday’s game on the horizon, new home owners and renters alike will be tempted to use the big game as an opportunity to show off their new place. By taking precautions when choosing the home for your TV, your party will be a hit and be free of some very avoidable disasters during the big game experience.

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