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Personalize with Unique New Home Technology

Moving can be exciting for everyone, regardless of whether it’s a first home or the fifth. A new place comes with new opportunities.  Personalizing the house into something undeniably “yours” is both essential and a lot of fun.   In the past we’ve given some fun tips on decorating your new home, but there are other creative ways to customize your new home as well.  Purchasing new home technology is a great way to personalize your new surroundings with fun new functions and features.  Some of these can even save you money.  Below we highlight just a few new technology suggestions that can liven up any new home.

Rethink Your Heating and Cooling

If cutting down on your heating and cooling bill is a goal with your new home, or you just want a dynamic way to keep temperatures where you want them, consider buying a Nest.  These unique thermostats operate over Wi-Fi and allow you to create unique daily schedules, as well as adjust the temperature via smartphone.  What’s more, you’ll receive monthly emails letting you know just how effective your settings have been for cutting costs.  While you’re looking at the thermostat, you should also take a look at their Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

Every Home Needs Some Music

Playing music in your new home is essential, so be sure you have a speaker system.   Portable wireless speakers are a great option nowadays because they are easy to move and can be used both indoors and outdoors. By streaming music from your phone, computer or device to the speakers, you can easily adjust songs and volume wherever you may be.  There are many affordable options out there, with a number of options under $50.  Having music to listen to makes unpacking your boxes go much quicker, so you might want to make getting a music system your first priority!

Innovative Outlet

Moving makes all of us develop a new daily routine.  If you worry about forgetting to turn things off after you leave the home, one device that can help you feel better is the WeMo Switch.  Made by Belkin, this is a Wi-Fi enabled electric outlet that can remotely turn any items plugged into it on and off.  This gives you the ability to turn off items like irons and hair curlers that may have accidentally been left running, or allows you to turn on things like fans and lights as you begin to head home.

If you’re looking for new home technology for your new place, there are plenty of unique items to choose from.  Some are even a bit on the eccentric side.  However, there are also a number of affordable, highly functional items like those above that can provide you peace of mind and enjoyment for years to come, all at an affordable price.

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