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Unpacking Following Your Move: 7 Top Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, you might be facing an arduous task. No matter the reason for your move, once the movers have left and you’re surrounded by boxes that need unpacking, you might feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

If packing was difficult, unpacking could be even more so. Before you rip the tape off the first box and begin shoving things inside cupboards and closets, a little planning is in order.

Here are some tips for making sure the unpacking goes according to plan, and you don’t end up as cluttered as you might have been in your old home.

1. Make sure labeled boxes are in the appropriate rooms.

Confirm that your boxes have arrived in the correct rooms.

Move unlabeled boxes to a centrally-located out-of-the-way place, such as a spare room, formal dining room, basement, or garage. If you start with what you know you’re less likely to end up with clutter and chaos. Once your boxes are in the correct location, be sure to throw away tape as you take it off your containers, flatten your moving boxes, and prepare them for recycling or reuse.

2. Start big and work your way down.

Smaller boxes contain smaller (and more easily lost) items, which should be obvious. To minimize the possibility of losing precious small items, packed into little boxes, open larger boxes first, and wait to open smaller boxes until after you have opened the larger ones.

3. Put things away, don’t just set them down.

While you may be in a rush to unpack and put your most precious items away first, it’s better to put things away carefully and in order, with each in its the proper place. A job that’s rushed is more likely to be done incorrectly rather than one done with care and precision.

Take the opportunity to organize drawers and cupboards before placing items inside. A minimal amount of money spent can help alleviate years of not being able to find what you want when you need it.

4. Clean before you unpack.

Before you begin unpacking your boxes and placing items into closets, dressers, or on shelves, clean thoroughly.

If you’re moving into a new home or one with previous residents, the chances are that storage spaces have accumulated dust, dirt, or even mildew. Clean storage spaces thoroughly before you place items anywhere that’s not spic and span.

5. Pace yourself.

Don’t try to unbox and unpack just for the sake of having it done, or you might end up having to reorganize all over again.

Take breaks, go for a walk to get to know your new neighborhood, have a hot bath, knock on the doors of your new neighbors, and get to know them, and settle into your new digs slowly. You can avoid frustration, physical and emotional exhaustion, and stress if you take it easy and enjoy the process.

It’s especially important to take your time if you have children, who might be overwhelmed at the newness of your new living situation.  

6. Unpack kids’ things first

If you’re a mom or dad, caregiver, or grandparent, make sure you take care of your children’s things before your own.

Give them some input into where thing will be placed such as furniture, and make sure to include them in unpacking boxes and making age-appropriate decisions. Anything that you can do to lessen the stress for your children will pay off, and it will help them feel more acclimated and at home in their new situation.

7. Familiarize pets with their new home.

Take time to let your dog or cat outside (if appropriate), help them find where to go to the bathroom, and make sure to reward them when they’ve done so. Failure to take time to acclimate your pet to their new living situation can cause them (and you) a great deal of stress.

Home Sweet Home

Good luck unpacking and moving in!

If you are still making arrangements for your move, contact us for a quote.

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