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Packing and Moving With Your Car In Your Long-Distance Move

As you’re getting ready to move, you’ll undoubtedly have last minute things you don’t want to include with your boxes and furniture in your moving van. If your vehicle isn’t being transported inside a semi, you’ll probably be driving it to your new home.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you pack your car and head out on the road for your moving adventure.

1. Moving isn’t the same as a road trip, but there’s no reason it can’t be fun.

Moving is a stressful, hectic, exhausting effort, and when you’re driving a long distance to your new home, you’ll need to make sure you arrive safely and relaxed.

2. Plan on at least two extra days.

As you’re looking at a map to plan your route, make sure you consider alternate routes. Major highways may be the fastest way to get to your destination, but with a vehicle that’s full of family and boxes, you’ll have reduced visibility. Opt for roads with less traffic so you can travel safely and at a more relaxed pace. For help in planning your route, consider making a trip to your local AAA office.

3. Make sure you have proper visibility.

A vehicle that’s packed so that the windows are blocked is a hazard, both to its occupants and to other drivers. The law requires adequate visibility in your vehicle at all times, and you might find yourself with a traffic ticket if the police stop you for any reason.

4. Remember – safety first.

Drive at or below the posted speed limit, observe warnings, and take extra time to stop. A car or truck that’s full is more cumbersome and difficult to stop. Give yourself more distance than you might otherwise leave when driving behind another vehicle. If you apply your brakes suddenly, objects may shift or injure someone in the car.

If you have anything tied to the roof of your vehicle, make sure it’s secured tightly, but keep in mind that a sudden stop may cause items to fall off, leading to damage and a safety hazard.

5. Take in sites along the way.

Since you’re opting for a route that’s off the beaten path, investigate what local sites might make for a pleasant outing. Roadside America has a comprehensive list of attractions that are quirky, historical, or just plain fun. Taking in a bit of fun is especially true if you’re moving with children, and the photos you take at one of these roadside oddities can make for happy memories.

6. Plan plenty of rest stops.

Resting during your trip is essential not only for your peace of mind but your safety. Take advantage of roadside rest stops, drive-through fast-food restaurants, and even picnic areas. Stop, do some stretches, and go for a brisk walk before you head out on the road again.

7. Change drivers often.

If you have more than one driver in the family, consider changing drivers at each rest stop. Keep in mind, however, that the driver with the most experience should always be the primary driver. Less-experienced drivers may not know how to deal with a heavier vehicle or one that’s full of people and boxes.

8. Plan on getting gas more often than you might realize.

Not only are gas stations in safe areas an excellent place to have a rest, but your full vehicle will also have reduced fuel efficiency. Get gas when it’s available, and never let your tank drop below 1/4 tank.

Enjoy the Journey

So, as you pack, keep these tips in mind, and your journey to your new home in your vehicle can be stress-free and fun for the whole family.

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