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The Ultimate New Home Move in Checklist

As cliche as it might sound, it’s true: the only constant is change.

But moving can still be stressful. After packing up all your things and getting to your new place, there are tons of things still left to think about.

Read on for a move in checklist that will ensure you don’t miss a beat during your move.

The Move In Checklist Fundamentals

Fill Out a Change of Address Form

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about missing important mail. Fill out an official change of address form with USPS before you move to make sure your mail is forwarded.

Set up services

Call and set up your internet, cable, electric, utilities, trash, and water. Some internet and cable services will allow you to transfer your account easily to your new address.

Check for damages

This is an essential move in checklist step. If you’re a renter, you’re probably very attached to your security deposit. Make sure you hang onto it by thoroughly checking your new home for existing damages upon move in.

Take dated photos of all damages you find to avoid being held responsible for them later.

Locate Water Shutoffs and Circuit Breaker

This is important information to know in case you ever need to shut your water off or have a problem with your electricity. Make sure you understand all the labels on the breaker. If you don’t, make sense of the switches and create your own labels.

Locate Health Resources

Take the time to find out where your local hospital is located in case of emergency and find your preferred health providers in the area. Don’t forget about your furry friends — they’ll need a new veterinarian!

Contact Insurance Companies

The last thing you want is your television to break in transit — uninsured. Get in touch with your insurance provider to discuss options for protecting your items during your move.

Keep a Folder of Receipts

If your move is work based, make sure to keep receipts for all moving expenses for reimbursement.

The House

First things first: change your locks. Don’t trust that old keys to your new home aren’t still out there. Changing your locks ensures your safety.

Next, consider upgrading your floors while your new home is empty. Maybe you love the new hardwoods but hate the color, or maybe the floors are covered in stained carpet. Make any floor renovations needed before they’re covered in furniture.

Make sure to test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. You don’t want to find out the hard way that these aren’t functioning.

Consider changing your light bulbs. Go around the house, take note of all the different types of light bulbs needed, and change them to energy efficient ones. Your electric bill will thank you.

The Home

The first step to making your new home feel like yours: cleaning every corner! Scrub away the prior inhabitant’s grime before it gets hidden by your furniture forever.

Step two: paint your new walls. Picking out new colors for your home can help usher in the positivity of change. Order a pizza and get to work.

After your walls are freshly painted, set up your storage systems ahead of time to ensure that no box will go unpacked.

Don’t forget to hang curtains early on. They’re not just pretty, they’re essential to protecting your privacy.

Last but not least — replace your toilet seats. Need I say more?

Are You All Set?

Checking off all the things above will help you sleep easy in your new (freshly painted) bedroom.

If you’re still pre-move, read up on these packing tips to help set you up for moving success.

To avoid the hassle of doing it all yourself, check out our moving services. We do both local and long-distance moves- request a quote today!


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