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9 Things You’ll Definitely Hear Before You Move

If you have ever been through the moving process, then you will remember a time when you were getting advice from every single direction.

Some of that advice was great, and some of it wasn’t. That’s why we have decided to go through all the things you’ll hear while moving and pick out nine useful nuggets of wisdom.

Select on Reputation

When it comes to relocating, you should always select a moving company you can trust.

When relocating, look for a moving company with an excellent reputation and a history of excellent service. That way, you won’t be disappointed.


Remember to label every side of every box. It may seem time-consuming, but it will save you and your mover’s plenty of stress in the long run.

Bring a ‘First-Day Box’

After a long day moving the last thing you want to do is go searching through all those boxes for the stuff you will need. Thus, packing a ‘first-day box’ with toiletries, medicines, and everything you’ll need for the first day is a great idea.

Make Lists

Lists make everything easier, and as you prepare to move, we are pretty sure that this is a piece of advice everyone will be giving you. The old sentiment of ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ applies here.

Declutter Ahead of Time

A big move is a great time to finally do that decluttering you’ve been putting off for so long. We imagine anyone who has ever relocated will say this to you because it is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all those things you no longer need. Not only will it lighten your load saving your time and money, but it will make your new home tidier as well.

Be Ready for Your Movers When They Arrive

If you are doing the packing, make sure you have completed packing and labeling the boxes before the movers arrive. Make sure obstacles are out of the way, and there is a clear path for the movers in and out.

Find a Pet Sitter

Dogs and cats can get underfoot on moving day, plus your home’s doors are continually being opened and closed allowing for an easy escape route. Find a friend or neighbor who can watch your pets. Moving is stressful for your pets, so being away from the moving action might also help alleviate their anxiety.

Don’t Forget to Shut off Your Utilities

There’s such a long list of things you need to do when moving that sometimes some essential things are forgotten. You do not want this to be one of them. Make sure you have scheduled your utilities to be shut off the day after you move out.

Have a Positive Attitude

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice you can get, try to have a positive attitude, and you will find that moving can be a highly enjoyable experience.

If you are moving, there will be moments that aren’t perfect. How you react to them will affect how this big move will go.

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