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5 Creative Ways to Help Children Make New Friends

Planning a big move soon?

Worried about your children adjusting to their new community and making friends?

Children are naturally social creatures who want to form connections with those around them. As a parent, your job is to foster experiences for your children that put them in a situation where they can make new friends.

Read on to discover five creative ways your child can make friends in your new town.

1) Sign Your Kid Up For Community Sports

Community sports are a fantastic way for your child to meet new friends in your community.

Community sports take place with children from all different schools. If your child is having trouble meeting people in school, they can meet other friends through community sports.

Ask your child what sport or sports they want to engage in. Most community rec centers offer everything from volleyball to synchronized swimming.

If your child is playing a sport they feel comfortable and confident in it will be easier for them to open up and make friends.

2) Join Your Local Library

Joining your local library saves you money and helps your kid make friends.

Libraries are great resources for children to uncover a world of knowledge. Encourage your kids to be readers by taking them on a biweekly library trip.

While you’re at the library, head to the children’s section so your child can bond with other kids there.

Libraries typically organize children’s book readings and craft sessions that are great for socializing.

3) Take a Walk or Bike Ride

Sometimes the best way to find friends for your kids is to walk around the neighborhood.

Whenever you see a neighbor with their kids out and about, give them a wave. Once you get to know your neighbors you can organize play dates for your kids.

Plus, neighborhood friends are great because you know your kid is never too far away.

4) Sign Them Up For After School Activities

Not every child is a star athlete or interested in community sports.

If this is the case, find out what your child is interested in and sign them up.

Surrounding your child with other children who have the same interests is a sure way to help them make new friends.

5) Make Friends Yourself

One way to help your child make new friends is by making friends yourself.

You’re also new to the community and it’s important for you to make connections with adults and form healthy friendships.

Your child is always looking to you to see how to relate to others. If you show them how to have meaningful friendships with others, they will follow suit.

Follow These Tips to Help Your Child Make New Friends

These tips will help your child adjust to the move and meet new people.

Don’t be discouraged if your child seems to miss your old home at first and have trouble adjusting. If you find the right activity for them, your child will start to thrive in your new community.

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