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4 Things You Do Not Want to Forget When Moving

The excitement you feel when the big move is happening is something you should cherish. Why wouldn’t you?

You are beginning a new stage in your life, and it’s an incredibly exhilarating time that is full of new opportunities.

However, you should probably be aware that this excitement can lead to forgetfulness and when you’re moving, there are a few things that you do NOT want to forget.

Rest easy, because we have put together a handy reminder list just for you.


If we had a dollar for everytime somebody forgot to label their stuff while packing it away, then we would have enough money to buy half of Chicago.

Generally speaking, people simply overlook the chore of buying labels, and it’s a big mistake. If you don’t believe us, then you should ask any of your friends who have ever moved. They will tell you just how much easier their life would have been if they merely labeled their items before relocating.

Label boxes with your name, contents, and the room in which you would like the box placed at the destination. Make sure these markings are on the side rather than the top, so you can still read them when the boxes are stacked.


Transfering or canceling your utilities isn’t difficult, but it is important. Start by making a list of all the services you have, including gas, water, power, internet, and waste removal. Your list might include more.

Two weeks before your move, start making arrangements to have your utilities turned off or transferred. If you plan to move a short distance, you might be able to transfer the utilities or service providers to your new home. If moving to another county or state, you will need to research and establish accounts in those areas.

Timing is everything. Essentials like water and power should remain on in your old home until the move is complete and pre-established at your new home for when you arrive.

Have Tools Handy

Chances are you will need at least a few tools at some point on moving day. You don’t want to have them all packed away in your moving boxes, so keep a simple toolkit available on moving day. Include essential tools like a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, Allen wrenches, and scissors. Those will be helpful for opening boxes or disassembling or assembling furniture.

Return Borrowed items

Many of us are guilty of borrowing simple things from our neighbors and forgetting to give them back. Things like tools or ladders can accidentally get stowed away back in your own garage. Now is the time to return those items you bummed off your kind neighbor and forgot to return.

Also any house keys you are holding for neighbors or vice versa. Remember to return or retrieve them before you move out.

Ready to Move

Now you have a few additional reminders to add to your master moving checklist. For more tips or help with your packing and moving contact us! We can help you enjoy the process!


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