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Guest Post: International Move by Corrigan Moving Systems

The following is a testimonial blog post describing a recent international move we did for Matt Boddy, who relocated all the way from Shanghai, China, to Michigan.

Your average moving experience can be very challenging, as you try and balance keeping an eye on the family with keeping an eye on your things. International moves take things to a whole different level, as you now have two countries, customs clearance, and multiple languages to work with.  This was the situation I faced in December of 2012 when my family and I began our move from Shanghai to Detroit. We had originally used Corrigan’s international services to move us out to Shanghai and were very pleased with the results, but today I would like to focus on the return move back to Detroit.

We chose to hire Corrigan because we have several friends who have moved for international assignments and tried to do all the paperwork and shipping on their own, and have seen that this effort to minimize cost lead to horrific delays, paper miscues, problems with logistics, containers, customs, etc., all things we were keen to avoid.  Our move needed to take place between Christmas and the Chinese New Year, and this tight time window required even more extraordinary coordination than is already required when traveling such a long distance. From the start, the Corrigan team coordinated all the efforts with the movers, the freight forwarders, and the customs clearance teams.  Our international move consisted of one forty-foot sea container that was filled to about 37 feet.  We were moving a variety of ceramics, antique wood pieces, rare antique Chinese furniture, a piano, and many other irreplaceable items. The items were insured to be sure, but money was a very secondary concern compared to the emotional ties of the items.

To better explain just how complicated our move really was, consider this: the move consisted of land transportation in China, ocean freight from Shanghai to New York, land transportation from New York to Michigan, and a crew to open the container, unload the 207 boxes (yes 207!), and assemble many of the items as well. All this work made our need for professional, quality service essential.

The attention to quality and service that Corrigan maintains stood out to us in a variety of ways. For one, Corrigan had clear, consistent, and strong communication with the personnel from both China and the US.  Corrigan had people communicating natively in each language and each person understood the local requirements. The Corrigan staff, especially and specifically our case leader Christina, made themselves available at any time for us and took the time to care for and to empathize with our questions and our situation. Moving countries is always going to be a big deal and Christina always made us feel that our questions and concerns were important to her. We never had to call or beg for updates.  When there would be a status change or a movement update, we would receive it along with a short summary of the next steps.

Corrigan handled everything for us and it was fast, efficient, and wholly fantastic.  Our shipment arrived in the seven day window Corrigan provided at the beginning of the “journey”.  On delivery day Christina called at 7 am to tell us she was in the office and to call her immediately if we felt something was wrong or if we needed assistance.  By 4 pm that day, the only call my wife and I made was to say thank you to her and to say thank you for the great team of movers.  Throughout delivery there was always a smile and a positive effort from the movers and they made the day go smoothly and, more importantly, uneventfully.

At the end of our international move, out of 207 boxes filled with multiple antiques, furniture, ceramics and countless valuables, we had only one single item that was damaged and required an insured replacement event. This was the best surprise of all – not that something needed replacing but the quickness to which Corrigan jumped to respond and support.  From the time we recognized that an insured event occurred for one item out of thousands, the Corrigan Team engaged with Wells Fargo and we received our insurance check within ten business days.  My wife and I were very thankful for this because it showed not just Corrigan caring about the move but caring about the whole process.  Two moves, two continents, and more than 325+ items.  Only one single damaged item.  This is proof of their quality work on vendor selection and safety.

We urge everyone to look at Corrigan International for your relocation needs.  The company clearly has a culture from top to bottom of people who enjoy what they do in their jobs every day, and that is what makes your life that much better and much less stressful when going through an international move.

Thanks Matt for your recommendation! If you need a quality international move from a company that puts an emphasis on craftsmanship, check out our website or contact us today!

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