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How to Get Your Child Acclimated to a New Elementary School

There’s nothing more intimidating to a young child than the first day at a new elementary school. It’s one of those facts of growing up, but that doesn’t make it any easier for the kids who go through it every school year.

We’ve all been there: a scary new move, and a whole world of uncertainty.

With a bit of guidance from mom, dad, or a guardian, though, it’s possible to make that dreaded first day at school much easier for your kids.

Keep It Positive

Before anything else, you’ve got to make the first day of school a positive experience.

Talk to your children before they go in. Ask them about their expectations and fears. Talk to them and reassure them. Everybody else is having the same fears they are, and they won’t know that unless you remind them, regularly.

Position school as a place full of opportunities to make friends and learn. Like anything else in life, it’s not always going to be perfect, but there’s a lot of adventure waiting for them, right inside those doors.

Focus on Keeping Them Involved

It’s natural for kids to resist signing up for extramural activities, especially at a brand new school.

It would be a mistake to let them miss out, though.

Take the reigns and decide on one or a few extramurals, based on their interests. If they aren’t excited to go, be firm with them. Clubs, sports, and classes are all good ways for them to stay active, and not miss out on the socializing the other kids will be doing. They’ll acclimate more naturally if they’re involved right alongside all the other children.

And remember: the summer is a great time to organize play dates with your child’s classmates.

Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

This may sound like a minor fix to a much larger problem, but sleep deprivation tends to make children restless and unhappy.

If your child is feeling frustrated at school, they might well be having real problems. But not getting more than nine hours of sleep at night will make the situation seem worst to them. They may be cranky, act out, and spoil the atmosphere for themselves at school.

Get the Right Supplies, Well Ahead of Time

A trade secret: one of the most embarrassing things for a child is arriving at school to find out they lack the proper stationary or books.

Check the supply list for their enrolment well in advance, and make sure they have each item as requested.

And remember: budgetary restrictions are common to a lot of people. If you can’t get the exact scissors or the right glue, go with the next best model. There’s always time to replace them later on, just so long as they’re there.

Allow for the Stress

Our final tip for getting acclimated to a new elementary school is that, sometimes, stress is necessary.

If your child is worried about tests, let them worry. Talk about it with them, and come up with a way to proceed. If they don’t like a teacher, let yourself feel a little stressed out, too. Use that stress to do something constructive.

So long as you maintain open communication with your child and the school, a little stress is normal and can be used to get work done.

Make Starting a New Elementary School Easier

Starting something new can be an intimidating experience, no matter your age.

With a little planning and a lot of communication, you can take the sting out of the first day of elementary school for you and your child.

Starting life somewhere new? Visit us today and discover packing, moving, and handling services to make the process all the smoother.

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