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Communication Key When Choosing a Moving Company

Throughout the process of choosing a moving company all the way to the move itself, there are a number of touchpoints in which communication is essential between the customer and the mover. Whether more home items need to be taken than originally thought, or the need to schedule a professional packing team arises, a lot can change during the months, weeks and days leading up to a move. As director of residential sales for Corrigan Moving, it is my job to enable our sales team to educate our customers about the moving process and to train them to be able to make that process go as smooth as possible.

First Impressions Matter

The first point of contact our prospective customers have with our company is with our sales representatives. It is essential that our sales representative show the knowledge, skill, and attitude of the entire Corrigan team that will be supporting them throughout the move. Corrigan customers understand that when they are choosing a moving company, they are getting a package deal: an exceptional team of movers, as well as timely, knowledgeable support from their move coordinator and sales representative.  Corrigan’s sales representatives are tasked not only with providing an accurate, detailed estimate, but also with assessing all the unique variables that will come into play during the move.

Effective Training

To ensure quality is delivered on each move, our sales representatives receive extensive training throughout their careers so that they are well prepared to help customers during the in-home survey and sales process. We don’t let our sales staff learn at our customer’s expense – literally and figuratively. Instead our sales representatives are trained through an intensive job shadowing program, ensuring they understand all of the ‘moving parts’ involved with a relocation and how to advise and account for them, prior to ever setting out on their own. This helps make the entire moving process go by smooth, as well as making the process of choosing a moving company easier on our clients.

Continued Education

Pricing and planning a move is often as important as the execution of the move itself. The fact is, any moving company can write a cheap estimate, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most accurate. If an estimate is not accurate, hidden costs and moving delays can crop up during the move. By explaining why the price is what it is, customers understand everything that comes with moving ahead of time, avoiding day-of confusion. If price is a major decider in the move, our sales staff can give ideas on ways to reduce the costs, such as leaving behind or selling less important items. To ensure the accuracy of our sales efforts, Corrigan regularly reviews our estimates after the move. We use these statistics to tell us where some employees may be missing on their estimates, which allows us to improve upon them going forward.  This ensures that our quality and accuracy continues to increase over time rather than staying the same.

We take great pride in our work and are constantly working to deliver a memorable moving experience to every customer. By equipping our sales representatives with the knowledge and tools required to be successful, we’re able to go above and beyond for customers choosing a moving company. This not only streamlines information, but also allows the customer to benefit from our decades of experience and them transition to their new home without the stress of a difficult move.

Written by Rob Galardi

Rob serves Corrigan Moving Systems as Director of Residential Sales.

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