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5 Smart Moving Company Tips to Make Your Move Seamless

Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience. In fact, some researchers believe the stress can actually age you. That’s why anyone and everyone is open to moving company tips that will help make the situation easier.

So how can you work well with the movers who are assisting you? What actions can you take to help make your move go as smoothly as possible?

Read on to discover five essential moving company tips that will make your next move seamless.

Clear Space For the Moving Truck and the Movers

One of the most basic tips that any person who is moving can follow is to clear space for the movers.

It’s essential that movers have space available to park the moving truck and also space for them to actually carry out the furniture and belongings you have packed.

Be sure that there is a parking space open for the movers either in your driveway or on your street. Also, make sure to have the walkways in and out of your house completely clear. This will lead to a more efficient moving experience.

Mark What Is Fragile and Valuable

If you want to make sure that a certain item of yours is handled more delicately or packed separately, mark it as fragile or valuable.

By marking it this way, you guarantee that the movers will see that this particular box needs to be handled differently than others.

Doing this simple task cuts down on time and limits potential confusion.

Be Present for the Packing Process

If you are prepared and ready for your move, chances are that it will go quite smoothly. However, issues do often arise during the chaotic process that is moving.

If and when a problem does happen, you need to be there to answer questions. The movers will want to consult you before they make any major decisions.

By being present for the packing process, you are making sure that everything is packed exactly as you want it to be. Plus, no time is wasted in tracking you down if one of the movers needs you for some reason.

Take Care of Your Movers

Moving furniture and belongings from one house to another can be challenging, taxing work. It takes a lot of energy out of the movers.

That’s why it’s so important to take care of them by offering them food and drinks. They need to re-hydrate and refuel.

Even just having water bottles available to the movers will help provide them with their daily recommended six to eight eight-ounce glasses of water.

Check off the Inventory

On long distance moves, your mover will write up a detailed inventory list of all the items being moved. Take the time at delivery to check off each item at the house to ensure that everything arrived.  This is the only way to make sure nothing got left on the moving truck by mistake.

On local moves an inventory list is typically not used because the delivery is immediately after the load and you have exclusive use of the moving truck. You can always request an inventory be written for added peace of mind, but it does add to the total time, and similarly the total cost of the overall move.

Going Forward With Moving Company Tips

Following these moving company tips the next time you have a big move all but guarantees that it will be an easier, more enjoyable experience.

By helping the workers who are assisting you, you ensure that your move goes as well as it possibly can and that your possessions arrive at your new home safely.

Do you believe we could be of assistance to you in an upcoming move? If so, contact us today to get a quote!

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