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The well‐being of our teammates and consumers is our top priority. The Coronavirus (COVID‐19) situation is continually and rapidly changing. As the CDC releases additional information and guidelines, Corrigan Moving has been and will continue taking steps to ensure the health and well‐being of all. Our first priority is the safety of our clients, customers, employees, and public. Additionally, we want to continue to provide you with the Corrigan Quality you expect and want you to experience as minimal service interruptions as possible.

At this time, Corrigan will remain open and continue to operate. The services we provide are considered essential under all states Shelter-In-Place Orders. To help limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID‐19), Corrigan will continue implementing steps to protect everyone during this time.

This situation is dynamic and information is continually updating. Corrigan Moving will be changing this action policy as CDC guidelines are changed.
Corrigan is grateful for the healthcare workers, local communities, governments, and every individual doing their part to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID‐19).


What we’re doing to protect employees, customers, and public:




  • All moving quotes are being surveyed through our Virtual Survey process. This involves connecting with a Corrigan representative through video chat, instead of face-to-face
  • All Corrigan employees who do not have an essential on-site function are working from home, effective March 17th, 2020. During this time all employees have full access to internal systems, including voicemail and email
  • Every employee has been extended 2 weeks of additional paid sick leave. This is to ensure that anyone who is feeling ill will stay home from work with no personal financial repercussions as a result
  • All customers are being screened regarding their current health and travel within the past 30 days, to ensure the customer is not sick on move day
  • All employees are encouraged to monitor their own health and stay home when they are feeling sick
  • PPE is provided to crews including hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves
  • Crews are being kept consistent from day to day, to minimize the number of people each crew member comes into contact with
  • Crew start times are staggered throughout the morning to minimize the number of people interacting at the warehouse
  • When possible, crews are encouraged to report directly to the job site, to minimize the number of people riding in the trucks. Crews sit as far apart as possible from one another in the trucks
  • The inside of trucks are wiped down with sanitizing solution every night. This includes door handles, steering wheel, dashboard, and seat belts
  • All equipment is wiped down with a sanitizing solution every night. This includes toolboxes, dollies, etc.
  • All surfaces in the office are wiped down with sanitizing solution every night